Jazz Bass- Kelly Roberti

Jazz bassist, Kelly RobertiJazz Bass- Kelly Roberti (1:21 mp3):

“The first time I heard Charley Parker I thought heard Be-Bop, like Charlie Parker with Miles Davis, it killed me. It was like: What is this chemical stuff?”

Kelly Roberti, hands, tatoo, bass

Kelly Roberti painting by Pascal Martos

Painting: Pascal Martos

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Comments (2)

He was so special….and he was my friend…I’d like to know all about him and his thoughts, music, and philosophy about life. he was such a deep thinker…and got me to thinkin’ too. Luv ‘ya Kel.
Keep a cool vigilence over us all here.

Comment added by lin mcphillips on 04.15.16

Sweet voice. And yes I understand. Blessed

Comment added by Francesca on 04.15.16

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