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Story of Stuff logo

Story of Stuff {format} 7:38 Chase Sbicca

Annie Leonard spent a decade researching where our consumer stuff comes from, how its made, who the manufacturing effects, and where it ends up. Among the results is a 20min. video, The Story of Stuff (also in chapters on YouTube), made by Free Range Studios, the same folk who exposed The Meatrix: "From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view." The video came out on the web a year ago and has since been viewed four-and-a-half million times. Time Magazine named Annie Leonard a 2008 Hero of the Environment.

Broadcast: Dec 6 2008 on APM Weekend America Subjects: Environment, Business

Christmas tree farm

Brooklyn Christmas Trees {format} 2:36 Lizzy Cooper Davis

Vincent van Rhyn has been selling Christmas trees since he was 16. He's been on the same Brooklyn corner every Holiday season for 30 years. Or, A Christmas Tree Grows in Brooklyn. (Photo: cc ARKNTINA)

Broadcast: Dec 4 2008 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Business, Holidays, Religious

Doug, Lynn, Greg & Ted Nadeau, 1988

Crossdressing Family Man {format} 12:51 Eric Winick

The Nadeaus had a secret: the husband liked to wear women's clothes. Then Doug Nadeau got sick, and after surgery became less inhibited and more public in his crossdressing. His wife learned to understand his habits. Produced for Transom.

Broadcast: Nov 28 2008 on NPR All Things Considered Subjects: Health, Family

A student learning to play the Thana in Mae La refugee camp

Burma Blues for Karen {format} 5:30 Jack Chance

The stories of Burmese refugees, the Karen people, recorded in the camps on the Thailand-Burma border, and in their new American homes. Thru it all their music preserves their culture. More Chance music and pix at Guerilla Ethnomusicology. (With support from KGLT.)

Broadcast: Nov 18 2008 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Music, War

Presidential politcal buttons

Political People {format} 7:20 Barrett Golding

Almost half the eligible voters in this country don't bother to vote. But some people are passionate about politics. They pass out pamphlets, work the phones, write letters to the editor. We wondered why, when so many people couldn't care less about politics, these people care so much. So we went down to the party headquarters and asked them. (Original songs written for this story by Greg Keeler.)

Broadcast: Nov 4 2008 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Politics

90 Second Cellphone Chillin' Theatre logo

The Box {format} 2:57 Tom Lopez

Don't answer the phone, and definitely don't put your hand inside. From the ZBS 90 Second Cellphone Chillin' Theatre, music by Tim Clark.

Broadcast: Oct 30 2008 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Comedy

Radio series poster with film noir characters

Barking Guns & Dancing Dolls {format} 2:18 Tom Lopez

Another ZBS 2 Minute Film Noir: An investor in a pro-Mafia musical does not like the dance number entitled, "Cement Sneakers."

Broadcast: Oct 23 2008 on NPR Day to DaySeries: 2 Minute Film Noir Subjects: Broadway, Comedy, Justice

SALT logo

Night of the Insomniac {format} 4:55 SALT Institute & Matthew Swenson

A wide-eyed glimpse into the world of Michael White, insomniac; how it feels and sounds to spend night after sleepless night. Produced for the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies.

Broadcast: Oct 21 2008 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Health

generic story image

Post Biking Paradise Lost {format} 3:49 Mark Allen

The commentator finally gets to the vacation spot he's always admired from afar -- but a bad bike spill forever clouds his view of his sunny paradise.

Broadcast: Oct 10 2008 on NPR All Things Considered Subjects: Travel

Barber shop window with handwritten list of dates and death totals.

Window of War {format} 2:20 Chris Booker

Chicago barber Rex Mitchell insists that his window display is not an anti-war statement. For the past year, the barber has kept a running tally of soldiers killed in Iraq in the window of his Gold Crown Barber Salon. Originally produced for Chicago Tribune multimedia; photo C.Booker.

Broadcast: Sep 26 2008 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: War, Business

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