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Marj Sharrow photo

After The Forgetting {format} 9:00 Erica Heilman

A Vermont family changes as their mother's dementia progresses. What happens to love when there is no memory? An evolution of relationships reveal themselves in these conversation between Gregory Sharrow, his mother Marjorie, and Greg's husband Bob Hooker. (Music by Karinne Keithley. Check Transom for more on this story.)

Broadcast: Dec 18 2008 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Gay & Lesbian, Family, Health

Doug, Lynn, Greg & Ted Nadeau, 1988

Crossdressing Family Man {format} 12:51 Eric Winick

The Nadeaus had a secret: the husband liked to wear women's clothes. Then Doug Nadeau got sick, and after surgery became less inhibited and more public in his crossdressing. His wife learned to understand his habits. Produced for Transom.

Broadcast: Nov 28 2008 on NPR All Things Considered Subjects: Health, Family

SALT logo

Night of the Insomniac {format} 4:55 SALT Institute & Matthew Swenson

A wide-eyed glimpse into the world of Michael White, insomniac; how it feels and sounds to spend night after sleepless night. Produced for the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies.

Broadcast: Oct 21 2008 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Health

Homeless man in rain

Land of 10,000 Homeless: Bill Speaks {format} 2:45 Andrew Turpening

From a music/documentary series by The Voices of the Streets, which gives a voice to individuals in Minnesota experiencing homelessness. Bill Courtright was interviewed near the Dorothy Day Center, a homeless shelter in St. Paul, MN. Andrew Turpening wrote and produced the music.

Broadcast: Jun 25 2008 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Health, Labor

Jeff Metcalf performing his play

Prostate Diaries {format} {format} 54:00 Larry Massett & Jeff Metcalf

You don't want to think about prostate problems. What man over 50 would? Jeff Metcalf certainly didn't; until the diagnoses in 2004: prostate cancer. That's when Metcalf, an English professor at the University of Utah, began keeping a journal. His diaries open as a play this summer. The radio version is written by Jeff Metcalf (along with a list of health links), performed by Paul Kiernan, recorded by Scott Carrier, produced by Larry Massett, music by Parazitii, is titled "A Slight Discomfort: My Prostate Diaries."

Broadcast: Jun 1 2008 on HV WebworkSeries: Hearing Voices- Webworks Subjects: Health

Cedric Chambers and John Gallagher working in their yard.

A Square Meal, Regardless {format} 7:20 Jennifer Nathan & SALT Institute

Two old friends Cedric Chambers and John Gallagher have been caring for each other into old age. After John’s wife passed away and his children moved across the country, John turned to Cedric when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Produced for the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. (Photo © Jenny Calivas.)

Broadcast: Apr 1 2008 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Family, Health

Old photo of electroshock

Electroshock {format} 5:16 Larry Massett

A first-person accont by "Ned" of his ElectroConvulsive Therapy; followed by music from "Ned's" band Flavormaus.

Broadcast: Dec 10 2007 on HV PODCAST Subjects: Health

Memory Box Project logo

Memory Box Project {format} {format} {format} 3:40 Barrett Golding & Sandra Rattley

AIDS workers in Africa share what’s kept inside "memory books" and ‚Äúmemory boxes," keepsakes that help children orphaned by the AIDS virus to remember their parents. The Memory Box Project is a community outreach program of the University of Cape Town. Interviews courtesy of Bush Radio of South Africa and the First Voice International Africa Learning Channel. [transcript]

Broadcast: Dec 2 2007 on HV PODCAST; Nov 13 2003 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Health, International, Family

Yoga movement diagram

Office Yoga {format} {format} {format} 2:37 Rebecca Flowers

A more realistic approach to spiritual awareness: how yoga might help relieve stress at the office, or not. [transcript]

Broadcast: Sep 3 2007 on HV PODCAST; Sep 6 2004 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Business, Comedy, Labor, Health

Former USMC Sgt Bill Johnson holds his just-caught trout

Healing Waters- Bill Johnson {format} {format} 3:18 Barrett Golding

From the NPR series: Former Sergeant Bill Johnson, US Marine Corps loves the fly-fish with Project Healing Waters. He lost his legs in the Vietnam War. But still hunts and fishes, and gets hunting where he needs to go, with a wheelchair or prosthetic legs or getting on on fours and swinging through the forest. [transcript]

Broadcast: Mar 23 2007 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Project Healing Waters Subjects: Environment, Health, War

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