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Robbie Robertsonís  Music for the Native Americans CD cover

Bonnie Jo Hunt {format} {format} 5:36 Gregg McVicar

Encore broadcast: From Earthsongs: Sioux singer Bonnie Jo Hunt layers opera over insects for Robbie Robertsonís "Twisted Hair", off the Music for the Native Americans album. [transcript]

Broadcast: Nov 14 2004 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Earthsongs Subjects: Opera, Native, Music

Earth from space, by NASA

The Earth Sings {format} 59:00 Jay Allison, Gregg McVicar, Jeff Rice, Dmae Roberts & [Hearing Voices]

Sounds for and from Mother Earth in this (((Hearing Voices))) Earth Day special. Hosted by Dmae Roberts of, featuring: "Annapurna Circuit" in Nepal's Himalayan Mountains by Quiet American (Aaron & Bronwyn Ximm). " Traveling Middle Earth" and " Maori Singers, New Zealand" culture and country by Dmae Roberts of Portraits of Alaskan singers/dancers Pamyua and of Sioux soprano opera Bonnie Jo Hunt singing with Robbie Robertson and crickets, produced by Gregg McVicar of Ant sounds from Dr. Hayword Spangler of Tuscon's Carl Hayden Bee Research Center, recorded by Jeff Rice. "Hide And Seek" with animal trainer Ken Decroo and Dar the Chimp, part of Jay Allison's Animals & Other Stories. And Cosmic Background Radiation, Lava Flow, River Drumming, Leafhoppers and Elephants from the Pulse of the Planet CD "Extraordinary Sounds From the Natural World" by Jim Metzner. More audio, info and links...

Broadcast: Apr 20 2004 on HV SpecialSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: Travel, Environment, Specials

The 4 members of the group

Pamyua’s Song of the Wild {format} {format} 3:57 Gregg McVicar

From Earthsongs: Alaskan singing and traditional dance group Pamyua (pronounced BOMB-yo-uh) is up for three trophies at the Native American Music Awards later this month. They blend Afro, Yupic and Inupiaq Eskimo influences into an Arctic soul stew, spiced with their mimicry of wild animal sounds they hear at home. [transcript]

Broadcast: Nov 5 2003 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Earthsongs Subjects: Native, Music, Environment

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