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Jumping spider, Habronattus dossenus

Spider Vibes {format} {format} 4:37 Jeff Rice

In recent years, scientists have discovered complex forms of acoustic communication among spiders. Spiders don't have ears in a traditional sense. They hear vibrations through their legs, and tap out coded courtship rhythms by banging on leaves or twigs, or by plucking their webs. Damian Elias of the University of Toronto used a Laser Doppler Vibrometer to measure and record some of this spider communication. He describes the subtle world of spider music.

Broadcast: Aug 24 2007 on NPR Living on Earth Subjects: Environment, Science

CD Cover- Slow Heat by Steve Roach

Heat (extended mix) {format} {format} 7:30 Jeff Rice

The longer (and better) version of the NPR show focusing on the words, thoughts and sounds of desert residents: writer Charles Bowden, the Tohono O’odham poet Ofelia Zepeda, and ambient composer Steve Roach, , whose composition "Slow Heat" scores the piece. (Image by Andy McIntire, from Steve Roach’s Slow Heat cover art.)

Broadcast: Jul 9 2007 on HV PODCAST; Mar 1 2002 on NPR All Things Considered Subjects: Environment

Leafhopper insect

Seismic Communication {format} {format} {format} 6:22 Jeff Rice

Seismic communications are the sound signals animals send each other by making things vibrate -- the ground, twigs or leaves. Elephants do it, 200K species of insects do it, and right now your lawn is a seismic symphony.

Broadcast: Jun 20 2007 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Western Soundscape Subjects: Science, Environment

Wax moth illustration

Moth Music {format} {format} {format} 3:31 Jeff Rice

The eerily beautiful music of moth wings. A tale of bat-detectors, beehive destruction and the intersection of insect and synthesizer. [transcript]

Broadcast: Jun 11 2007 on HV PODCAST; Sep 7 2004 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Western Soundscape Subjects: Technology, Science, Music, Environment

Bird landing with wings spread (book/CD Cover)

Winged Wildlife in the Arctic {format} {format} {format} 3:35 Jeff Rice

Audio engineer Martyn Stewart describes his experiences recording birds at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Millions of birds sing 24 hours a day there during the breeding season, and the refuge explodes with life -- a sharp contrast to reports by some who hope to drill for oil in the area, who say the refuge is a frozen wasteland. His book/CD is called "Arctic Wings." [transcript]

Broadcast: Jan 31 2007 on PRX Nature Stories Podcast; Oct 26 2006 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Western Soundscape Subjects: Environment, Science

Schematic for homeradio radio with rzor blade, pencil, wire

Radio Link for WWII Prisoners in Japan {format} {format} 3:39 Jeff Rice

For the 60th anniversary of Germany’s surrender in World War II: British Col. R.G. Wells was among a group of soldiers in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp who heard the news on a makeshift radio they built and hid in the camp’s latrine. [transcript]

Broadcast: May 6 2005 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: War, International, Technology

Earth from space, by NASA

The Earth Sings {format} 59:00 Jay Allison, Gregg McVicar, Jeff Rice, Dmae Roberts & [Hearing Voices]

Sounds for and from Mother Earth in this (((Hearing Voices))) Earth Day special. Hosted by Dmae Roberts of, featuring: "Annapurna Circuit" in Nepal's Himalayan Mountains by Quiet American (Aaron & Bronwyn Ximm). " Traveling Middle Earth" and " Maori Singers, New Zealand" culture and country by Dmae Roberts of Portraits of Alaskan singers/dancers Pamyua and of Sioux soprano opera Bonnie Jo Hunt singing with Robbie Robertson and crickets, produced by Gregg McVicar of Ant sounds from Dr. Hayword Spangler of Tuscon's Carl Hayden Bee Research Center, recorded by Jeff Rice. "Hide And Seek" with animal trainer Ken Decroo and Dar the Chimp, part of Jay Allison's Animals & Other Stories. And Cosmic Background Radiation, Lava Flow, River Drumming, Leafhoppers and Elephants from the Pulse of the Planet CD "Extraordinary Sounds From the Natural World" by Jim Metzner. More audio, info and links...

Broadcast: Apr 20 2004 on HV SpecialSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: Travel, Environment, Specials

Mouse and litter

Idaho’s Howling Mouse {format} {format} 4:04 Jeff Rice

Treking thruought the Idaho plains to prove the myth and reality of a howling mouse, accompanied by the recordings of zoologist Robert Sikes. [transcript]

Broadcast: Nov 19 2003 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Western Soundscape Subjects: Science, Environment

Ants close-up photo

Listening to Ants {format} {format} 1:33 Jeff Rice

The surprising sounds of ants (heard through teeth), as recorded by entomologist Hayward Spangler. [transcript]

Broadcast: Oct 16 2003 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Western Soundscape Subjects: Science, Environment

Mouse close-up photo

The Mouse That Roars (long) {format} {format} 8:10 Jeff Rice

There are stories, some even claim sightings, of the source of a sound so rare that recordings of it in the wild are near impossible. We consult with zoologist Robert Sikes and hike into the desert southwest on a quest for the howling mouse. [transcript]

Broadcast: Oct 3 2003 on NPR Living on EarthSeries: Western Soundscape Subjects: Science, Environment

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