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Grace Kurlychek and Dove

Horse Therapy {format} 6:37 Dmae Roberts

At riding stables across the country, kids with disabilities are working with horses in a new kind of therapy thatís both physical and emotional. there are about 650 riding centers in the U.S. and Canada that offer therapeutic horse riding to more than 30,000 people with disabilities. One such rider is eight-year-old Grace Kurlychek who rides her horse Dove at Ride-Able in Eugene, Oregon. More at Stories1st. [transcript]

Broadcast: Mar 1 2003 on NPR Living on EarthSeries: Hearts of Nature Subjects: Health, Environment

Andrew Meyer

Blind Walk {format} 7:11 Dmae Roberts

Walking and talking with Portland, Oregon teenager Andrew Meyer as he describes how blind people navigate urban landscapes. "We can hear the difference when we walk through a door, when thereís a hallway off to your left, when itís just a closed wall. The sound changes..." [transcript]

Broadcast: Apr 1 2002 on NPR Living on EarthSeries: Hearts of Nature

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