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Peabody Award for HV Special {format} Scott Carrier, Ann Heppermann, Kara Oehler & [Hearing Voices]

We won a George Foster Peabody Award for our "Crossing Borders" special. Wow. Said the judges: "The nighttime desert seems to have a voice of its own in this vivid audio chronicle of illegal immigrants from Mexico, what dangers their journeys can entail, and why they still take the risk."

Broadcast: Apr 16 2007 on HV AwardSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: Feature, Hispanic

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Haunted Cabin on Public Arts {format} Jake Warga

PRI's Public Interactive featured Jake Warga's "Haunted Cabin" on the Public Arts section of their site.

Broadcast: Oct 31 2006 on HV NewsSeries: Hearing Voices- News Subjects: Feature, Family

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