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HearVox News {format} [Hearing Voices]

We've got a blog, with vids, music, links, mp3s, radio news and HV inside info.

Broadcast: Mar 1 2007 on HV WebworkSeries: Hearing Voices- News Subjects: Media, Cultural, News

Detail of painting on cover of annual report

NEA Features HV {format} [Hearing Voices]

Hearing Voices, and our non-profit org: Tundra Club, was featured in the Grant Highlights section of the National Endowment for he Arts 2005 Annual Report.

Broadcast: Nov 1 2006 on HV NewsSeries: Hearing Voices- News

Public Interactive logo

Haunted Cabin on Public Arts {format} Jake Warga

PRI's Public Interactive featured Jake Warga's "Haunted Cabin" on the Public Arts section of their site.

Broadcast: Oct 31 2006 on HV NewsSeries: Hearing Voices- News Subjects: Feature, Family

HV Amazon Shop {format} [Hearing Voices]

We've opened a new radio-related store, and picked some favorite Amazon products from some of radio's best: Books & CDs by Radio Diaries, Sound Portraits, Kitchen Sisters, Sarah Vowell, Scott Carrier, NPR, Ken Nordine, Negativland, and more.

Broadcast: Oct 15 2006 on HV NewsSeries: Hearing Voices- News

Mountain Music Project {format} Jack Chance

HV Producer Jack Chance is off on another guerilla ethnomusicology recording expedition. He's in Thailand, headed for Tibet, starting the Mountain Music Project (blog) (A Musical Odyssey from Appalachia to Himalaya) with sounds, images, and video.

Broadcast: Sep 27 2006Series: Hearing Voices- News Subjects: Blue Grass, Music, Travel, World

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