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HV098- Working Class

Our Labor Day weekend welcome to the work week looks at what we do for a living.

PRX Pays

If you build it, they will buy... 'least when "it" is

Thunderbolt Wisdom

Want an interview w/ Jay Thunderbolt, At-Home Strip Club Manager? Well,


CPB's Ted Coltman sent some pubcasting audience/contributer figures to the Pubradio

Killing Content

Please pile on and join in the free4all-clusterfuq of commenting my

Rock Star Day Job

Marketplace Money talks to musicians of moderate fame who "Work a

BP Cares

Finally a reason for twitter to exist… BP Public Relations (BPGlobalPR) on

Distro Dancing

A 2-article rundown on distributing pubradio programs, and the $s involved,

Life with Coal

HV contributed to a half-hour doc produced by Eric Mack for

$Katie C > $ATC + $ME

From CJR, another Michael Massing news $numbers analysis: Katie Couric’s annual salary

NPO Discounts

We want to thank the following companies which provide us with

Bamboo BIkes

The Bamboo Bike Project: "...aims to examine the feasibility of implementing cargo

VT Bike Shop

My friends sent this vid-tour of their bike store, the