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Foux Da Fa Fa

OK, I’ll try not to post an FoTC vid every week, but just had to embed this French lesson from last week’ show, Flight of the Conchords “Foux Da Fa Fa:”

Frontier Psychiatrist

My bud and WFMU Blogger, Lukas posted the source of many of the samples in The Avalanches‘ classic audio collage “Frontier Psychiatrist.” They appropriated a 1959 comedy piece of the same name by Canadians Wayne and Shuster, “Frontier Psychiatrist” (mp3 at WFMU Blog). The Avalanches’ vid for their song is about as good as MTV ever got, “Frontier Psychiatrist:”

The 365 Days Project at WFMU also recently posted one of the most heavily sampled LPs of all time: “Virginia Belmont’s Famous Singing & Talking Birds.”


CD coverWFMU’s blog has mp3s of Head and Leg’s In Your Dreams, a spoken-weird, oddio art, musicollage. I suggest you buy the CD, as I did, from Seeland, Negativland’s mail-order label, if only for the exquisite artwork inside by Pauline Lim:

Paitning by Pauline Lim
“Your ___ Is Only Momentary” © Pauline Lim
Oil, alkyd, acrylic on canvas. 22″ x 28″ 2004

From Head and Leg In Your Dreams

“Poke You in the Eye” (1:09):

“The Womb Room” (2:54):

“Dreamscape” (2:15):

Catfish Basketball

Catfish with basketball in his mouthFrom the Witchita Eagle 20 May 2004
(Snopes sez True):

Bill Driver was standing on the deck of his house near 119th Street West and Central when he saw an eight-inch ball floating in Sandalwood Lake.

Noticing the ball wasn’t floating normally, Driver wandered to his dock for a closer look. A catfish had its mouth stuck around the ball.

Driver hollered for his wife, Pam, to get a camera while he unrigged the sail from his nine-foot boat, wading into the lake and corralling the fish toward shore with the sail as a seine.

Several times, the flathead tried to dive, only to have the ball buoy it back to the surface.

The fish appeared to be exhausted and offered little resistance once in the shallows.

Things may have gone easier had the fish the strength to struggle.

“I just couldn’t pull that ball out of its mouth,” Driver said. “I was lifting up out of the water as best I could by the ball. I finally sent my wife to the house to get a knife.”

Driver carefully deflated the ball. Estimated at 50 pounds, the fish swam toward the deepest part of the lake.

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Jesus Will Survive

I know everyone’s mother, brother and cousin’s dog has seen this already, but just in case some straggler hasn’t:

Film by Javier Prato.