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HV004- Comedy with a Beat

Firesign Theatre logoHearing Voices from NPR®:
004 Comedy with a Beat—
Comic Bits with Music Beats
Host— David Ossman of Firesign Theatre
Airs week of— 2009-04-08 (Originally: 2008-03-26)

Comedy with a Beat (54:00 mp3):

Laughs and lyrics:

Wally Cox yodels. Peter Sellers sings while shaving.

Jack Kerouac croons “Ain”t We Got Fun.”

Charles Mingus jazzes up Jean Shepherd”s “The Clown.”

Comedian Greg Giraldo is layered over Lazyboy.

“Lenny Bruce Gets Busted” in Jonathan Mitchell“s documentary.

And we hear rare and classic sketches from host David Ossman’s Firesign Theatre.

“Underwear Goes Inside the Pants” Lazyboy fea. Greg Giraldo:

2 Minute Film Noir

ZBS Productions new series is 2 Minute Film Noir, “stories about gangsters, bimbos, cons, cops, lovers, losers, platinum blondes, mink coats, high heels, and neon signs reflecting on rain-slicked streets.”

It’s radio dramedy at its finest, and they’ve allowed us to sneak prevu the series right here. So, ladies and gentleman, butter your popcorn, grab your dates, and head into the audio theatre. It’s time for the 2MFN world premiere, with “You’re In For It Now, Pal” (1:30):

And here’s the gorgeous series poster (illustration by Jaye Oliver):

Series poster

Creature Comforts

Transom’s Guests right now are folk from TV’s Creature Comforts:
The CBS series Creature Comforts comes from Nick Park’s Aardman Animations Ltd., who also gave us Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit. The concept puts audio from real-life interviews into the mouths of animated animals.

For a personal glimpse into the CC process, Bob and Kathy Olkowski’s daughter Lu documented their transformation into insects, from Studio 360Bee-ing There” (7:36 mp3):

Chesty in Witless Protection

Notice: The staff of Chesty Morgan’s Forbidden Love! and Post-Modern Times — two of the ground- and wind-breaking radio shows of the last century, announce their consolidation into a new entity called:

The Witless Protection Program

featuring Larry and The Self-Fulfilling Prophets… Brought to you by Chesty Chunks, the breakfast Cereal roasted in the box by Larry himself — for better flavor and better sleep.

We reach back this week to a time in the last century when airline pilots still took the time to tell you why you were scared and tired, when woman challenged men to tell us things, and a little angel named Rollo could tell time.

“Witless Protection 2” (6:41 mp3):

Next episode will be “The Amish Adventure.”

Chesty Morgan’s Forbidden Love

Chesty Morgan movie posterWelcome to the World Premiere of the earth-shaking, ass-tounding new old radio show Chesty Morgan’s Forbidden Love! The Producers are the well-known international dateline traders and typhoon tycoons, Artissimmo Silverguy, Ask Amy, The Medium is the Massett, Christ Mantra, and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Flowers.

So, you asked for it, and you’re gonna get it. Now, Loadies and Gentrifieds, w/o any further undo, we give you CMFL, Episode One, in which our Chesty searches for Identity (7:36 mp3):

Tune in next week when Chesty gives good headings to the Dog Lovelorn.

End of Ze World

Oldie, but a web classic (originally a Flash creation by dunno-who), “End of Ze World”:

Iran So Far- SNL Short

Andy Samberg’s (SNL) love song to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “Iran So Far:”

Sample is Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14th;” singer is Maroon 5’s Adam Levine.

Kara Walker Silhouette Exhibition

Usually when you think of silhouettes, the images conjured up consist of rabbit heads on the wall or the quaint illustrations in old historical novels. That’s not the case with this exhibition at the Whitney:

“…a danse infernal of sex, slavery and chitlin-circuit comedy.”