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Listening to Northern Lights- Vid

Using our NPR story “Listening to Northern Lights” (NPR Lost and Found Sound), Joel Halvorson of NASA Earth-Sun Museum Alliance made a video for the Minnesota Planetarium (for use in dome, thus the circular frame of the images):

When solar flares hit the Earth’s magnetic field, the skies at both poles can light up with auroras. The particles also create very low frequency electromagnetic waves, a type of natural radio that can be picked up around the globe. Every year sound recordist Steve McGreevy heads north where the reception is best and points his receiver at the sky.Produced for Minnesota Planetarium and Space Discovery Center, by Joel Halvorson NASA Earth-Sun Museum Alliance (ESMA), as part of the International Polar Year (IPY). Aurora photography by Calvin Hall.Natural Radio recording by Stephen McGreevy. Radio story produced by Barrett Golding, for the series NPR Lost & Found Sound.

Goroka, Papua New Guinea- Vid

Skye Rohde’s sound and images from her day at the annual cultural show in Goroka, in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. This is the social event of the year, a swirl of colors and costumes, traditional songs and dances. (Broadcast: Mar 12 2007 on NPR Day to Day):

Ninja- What is Podcasting?

Just in case some of y’all don’t know about Ask A Ninja, thot I’d post an epsiode. This one explains in precise detail the technology of podcasting:

Mad World

Two very different videos, both with the same song, both beautiful in their own opposite ways. First, a TV ad for the video game Gears of War:

Next, the music video for the song:

The song’s a cover (improvement) of Tears for Fears “Mad World.” It was done for the Donnie Darko soundtrack (the music video is on the Director’s Cut) — a great flick w/ score by composer & pianist Michael Andrews. The singer is Gary Jules.

That’s Jules and Andrews are on the rooftop of the music vid, which was directed by filmmaker Michel Gondry (Endless Sunshine, Human Nature, Science of Sleep).

Al Mormon

If Al Queda recruited door-to-door like Mormons:

Jake’s Vid of Jen in Ethiopia

Jake Warga made a slideshow of his radio story “The Person I Admire the Most” (NPR All Things Considered). It’s been viewed 18K 19K 23K 29K times on YouTube; who’s gonna make it 18,001 19,001 23,001 31,001: