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HV Stations Quikmap

quikmaps.com is an easy to use & config Google-map making tool. Here’s a quickmap of all the HV stations carrying the HV weekly hour series:


Summize Conversational Search’s “mission is to discover the topics and attitudes expressed within online conversations. Our home page currently features realtime conversations on Twitter.”

For instance here’s “hearing voices” summized:

Summize sez they’ll soon add blogs, reviews, and other online chatter. Some particularly entrancing summizing is hapnin’ with the “love hate think believe feel wish” of twistori.

as often happens, via Puddles of Thought.

Forvo pronunciations

Site logoForvo is another online pronunciation guide. But this one via a social-net hopes to have “All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers.”

Forvo is the place where you´ll find words pronounced in their original languages. Ever wondered how a word is pronounced? Ask for that word or name, and another user will pronounce it for you. You can also help others recording your pronunciations in your own language.

Remember Me

Carolynne St. Pierre and her sonConcord Monitor photojournalist Preston Gannaway won a Pulitzer for her shots in a series of articles which “chronicle the death of Carolynne St. Pierre, a Concord NH woman who wanted to leave her children with a record of her final months.” The online version is this beautiful photo-audio slideshow called “Remember Me.”

via Bill Slammon- WVEW

Google Charts

To demonstrate our WY-centric station carriage, mentioned in post prev, our graphics team has prepared this map:
Hearing Voices station carriage chart

That’s right, there’s a new toy in town, Google Charts: online generation of graphs, charts, and data-driven maps. Thanks, Jon, for telling me about it and making me waste my morn — you know I can’t resist to trying new tech. Or as Jon graphically points out:
Barrett's Day chart


Objects from ItSpaceMySpace has pages for people, places, and now things. Composer Peter Traub has started ItSpace, a participatory sound project. “ItSpace pages feature everyday household objects. Each page has a photo of the object, a description, and most importantly, a 1-minute piece of music composed of recordings of the object being struck and resonated in various.” A story by Jesse Dukes on NPR Day to Day, “Objects Sing at Itspace” (5:04) mp3):

Tony-b Machine

Tony-b Machine is a interactive flash/programmation that incorporates audio samples to simulate a electronic keyboard, it stores, catalogs and hosts an extensive collection of user created music. Tony-b MachineTony-b Machine originated November 2006 as a simple keyboard with 8 chords. Second generation Tony-b, February 2007, integrated sound samples and a user forum. The current installment resembles a laptop and enables users to archive 12 pieces under their account. Enjoy Tony-b Machine.

via lissenup.

Ben Best Bikes for Lost Soldier

PFC Matt Maupin, US ArmyBenjamin Allen Best is a biker on a mission, a mission dedicated to the lost soldier Matt Maupin. Benjamin is on a journey to bicycle through every state in the continental US, spreading the word of the sacrifice people like Matt have made for our country. His ride started in Florida in 2004 and continues still. Like on any epic adventure, the traveler can get a bit weary, as evidenced in his posts…

Ben Best’s Lost Soldier blog: Regular updates by Benjamin on his travels.

Missing Soldier Matt Maupin: WLWT-TV story archive‐ Keith Matthew “Matt” Maupin (born July 13, 1983) is a United States Army PFC captured by Iraqi insurgents on April 9, 2004 while serving in the Iraq War after his convoy came under attack by rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire near Baghdad, Iraq. Read more about this ongoing ordeal.

Benjamin Allen Best and “The Lost Soldier”: Dirt Rag Blog hosts an extensive forum of sightings and meetings with Benjamin at various stages of his travels.

via Jeff Ramiriz, KERA-Dallas and Andy Bruno of Dirt Rag mag.


Blaise Aguera y Arcas of Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth gives this TED talk about their software. Photosynth “can access gigabytes of photos in seconds” and integrate related images from all over the web into a single expandable, collapsible, explorable whole:

howjsay Online Pronouncer

h o w j s a y . c o m is an online English Pronouncing Dictionary. The site uses
They’re associated with fonetiks.org‘s free “guides to the sound systems of ten languages” (including nine varieties of English) and “pronunciation samples by over 40 native speakers.”Their Phonetic Alphabet for Keyboards is potentially useful for radio scripts. “We needed a practical phonetic alphabet for use with a standard computer keyboard. These phonetic annotations were needed as an aid during recording sessions. To increase typing speeds, upper case symbols were mostly avoided and the commonest items were assigned to easy-to-reach keys.” For example:

put, foot
boot, food
German ‘über’, French ‘tu

via Jake- PRX.


Stair banistersA participatory sound project, “ItSpace pages feature everyday household objects. Each page has a photo of the object, a description, and most importantly, a 1-minute piece of music composed of recordings of the object being struck and resonated in various.” Here’s an example, some rhythms made from stair “Banisters” (1:02 mp3):

Peter Traub‘s ItSpace is a 2007 commission Networked Music Review of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (who produced the 1990’s sound-breaking series New American Radio).

via Lu Olkowski.

FreeRice Vocab Game/Charity

Site logoPlay the FreeRice vocabulary game and for each word you get right, they donate rice “through the United Nations to help end world hunger.” The words get progresively harder as you proceed: “WARNING: This game may make you smarter.” Ad revenues fund the food donations. The virally marketed charity started with 830 grains of rice donated the day it launched, Oct 7 2007. Nov 1 total was 59,167,790 grains. Yesterday 140,585,040.

Radio Timeshift

Site logoTwo apps that record radio for later listening, progammable by station and time: Rogue Amoeba – Radioshift (Mac $32) and RadioTime.com (Win $29). Both capture the station’s online audio stream then save it as an mp3 soundfile. Haven’t used either but I frequently resort to Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro, and can vouch for that co. heartily.

Where Have All the Bad Domain Names Gone?

Stumbled on this while trying to do something more useful: deactivatedon.com – lists of domain names that have expired. The page I came across had ones that obviously were just meant to be short-lived like nicola-and-karls-wedding-album.com but then there are just some that make you wonder, like nicotinesoda.com and organicorgasm.com or the perhaps reformed (or cured) onecrazybitch.com…and how could anyone give up allcello.com or americansagainstillegalimmigration.com? And so much for the so-called “long tail” effect, where any niche market could be fulfilled. Obviously, there just weren’t enough fetish seekers interested in bigbosomsandsquarejaws.com. Or maybe there was just too much info in infotites.com, as in you really shouldn’t wear something that revealing at your age.

If you have any particularly macho Spaniard friends, here’s their opportunity to grab iberianbull.com. Was mydotcomwebsite.com just too obvious? She was my girlfriend until she found out about mygirlfriendshotpussy.com. I may have been turneddownelsewhere.com but I’m sure not admitting it. And why the hell would I want to do wirelesswithwires.com? victorianideals.com was so two centuries ago. But we should still raise a toast to volksbier.com.