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Day of Silence

Save Internet Radio
Internet radio is in immediate danger. Devastatingly large increases in royalty rates take effect July 15: retroactive to Jan 1 2006. Many radio and music sites can’t afford the increases, so will be forced to shut down their music streams.Microphone graphic

Today is a national “Day of Silence” to protest these rates, and to encourage the millions of net radio listeners to take action and contact their Congressional representatives.

Webcasters across USA have special programming planned; some will broadcast complete silence.

The bipartisan Internet Radio Equality Act can save internet radio. Info at Savenetradio.org and Radio and Internet Newsletter.

Hype Machine

Site logoThe Hype Machine tracks music blogs and mp3 posts. You can add a Top 10 to your own site of what folk are music-blogging right now, looks like:

Cloth Simulation

Check this line-vector simulation of a hanging cloth, writ by JRC313.com. Pull it with the mouse (click-drag), let go, and watch it swing — cheap e-thrills via a “physics library” of code; here’s some screenshots:
Screenshots of cloth simulation

Community Broadcasters Agenda: revised

Community Broadcasters Conference Revised Agenda:

Thursday, 12 April 2007
0715 – 0800
Badge Pickup
Continental Breakfast
Begin complaining about RIAA and SoundExchange screwing us on webcasting

0800 – 0815
Conference Welcome – “RIAA not really ‘evil’, just ‘bastardly'”

0815 – 1000
Case Studies in New Facilities and how building would have been easier with
webcasting and everyone at RIAA dead from painful diseases

1000 – 1015
Morning Break
More complaining about RIAA

1015 – 1115
Mapping the Boundaries of HD Radio Coverage and how it’s been limited by the
Great Satan of Webcasting: RIAA

1115 – 1215
HD Radio Technology Update and how RIAA plans to kill us with it

1215 – 1315
Keynote- “RIAA is Destroying the Internet”

And this update.

(From the PUBTech listserv.)

Thembi’s AIDS Diary

Thembi and her familyThe site for Thembi’s AIDS Diary, A Year in the Life of a South African Teenager (Radio Diaries– The AIDS Diary Project) now has a blog, lotsa Flash, mp3s, and is preparing an AIDS Action Toolkit for .edu and avocacy.