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By 2011.10.11 tags: , , . Comment»

What do Stockholm, Amsterdam, Phoenix, and Bozeman have in common? Well,

Mid-air Sumi Calligraphy

By 2011.07.01 tags: , , , . Comment»

Shinichi Maruyama creates in Kusho, an "abstract collection made with sumi

Soundlines Project

By 2011.05.20 tags: , , , . Comment»

A nice blend of map-based selectable sounds/images at "The Soundlines Project."

Web Now.Oatmeal

By 2011.04.19 tags: , , . Comment»

"This is the web right now" —The Oatmeal. From Feeding Humans

J Data Age

By 2011.02.12 tags: , , , . Comment»

A global tour of J-based data-viz, from IBM Many Eyes to

Mosiac County

By 2010.10.15 tags: , , . Comment»

A friend, database/web designer Jon Nehring, is configuring some colored county-level

Death of Blog Post

By 2010.03.20 tags: , . Comment»

Some blog posts about exploding and expanding what a blog-post can

Dubai: Reach for the Sky

[Jake's out of Iraq, and back in Dubai…] I visited the world’s

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