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HV118- Hiker/Biker

Trekking with the Queen of Bhutan, bike-tripping Yellowstone Park, and trailing a Fanatic Reactionary Pedestrian.

HV103- Political Party

Let’s rev-up this election process with a cross-county Political Party.

Tahrir Storify

"Voices from Tahrir", a Storify list of sources, resources, sounds, inspirations,

HV131- Voices from Tahrir

Eyewitness, first-person accounts of the January 2011 Egyptian uprising.

Voices from Tahrir

A preview of our upcoming HV hour, "Voices from Tahrir" --

Protect the Shit Out of You

By 2011.10.28 tags: , . 1 Comment»

"Government: Protecting and Serving the Shit Out of You"— (stolen) from Liberty

Congressional Speech-less

By 2011.05.22 tags: , . Comment»

HV are spoken word evangelists. But sometimes it's best to keep

HV115- Refugees

Driven from their homeland by war, disaster, and persecution.

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