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What do Stockholm, Amsterdam, Phoenix, and Bozeman have in common? Well,

Soundlines Project

A nice blend of map-based selectable sounds/images at "The Soundlines Project."

Web Now.Oatmeal

"This is the web right now" —The Oatmeal. From Feeding Humans

J Data Age

A global tour of J-based data-viz, from IBM Many Eyes to

Mosiac County

A friend, database/web designer Jon Nehring, is configuring some colored county-level

Web Infogfx

Six Revisions compiles, from the web, "10 Revealing Infographics about the

Venn Diagrams Run Wild

HuffPo hatched a comedic intersecting circle competition, "Jesus, Karaoke, And Serial

Tufte iPhone GUI

Edward Tufte's praise and crit of iPhone rez, w/ phrases like:

Tufte Wavefields

Multi-D infographics potential from the Edward Tufte (statistician, sculptor, designer) podcast… Edward

Are You Happy?

Poster art by H34DUP and Budget Fabulous Films, posted at TypCut: More

Great Failure

"People always ask, 'What is your greatest failure?' I always have

Water and Air

From the Science Photo Library: Global water and air volume: Conceptual computer


Ad agency Wieden+Kennedy has, what I consider, a rarity: a well-implemented Flash site.

Pat Larum

A friend and talented architect died: Pat Larum, of the firm

Scraper Bike

Scraper Bikes, the videos, the photos, the song, the space, and