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Our Martyrs

Ibn Thabit feat. Salah Ghaly, "Our Martyrs:" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HQW2s7fbpI

Eleven: Sara and Pogo

Damn this guy's good, another Pogo creation: https://vimeo.com/37464224 This is my remix of

The Sandpit

A short by Aero Film director Sam OHare. https://vimeo.com/9679622 "The Sandpit," A day


"MOVE" by director Rick Mereki: 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18

Maccabeats Miracle

Light 'em up, folks, it's a g-ddam "Miracle", more Hanukkah harmonies

The Avalanches

The Avalanches 2001 album, Since I Left You, is a remix

Annai Kaligambal

From the movie Annai Kaligambal (singer/dancer Ramya Krishnan?): via WFMU's Beware of

Cymbal Slowed

A slowed-down cymbal crash at 1K frames/second: Fluke and Propadata Films "teamed

Frack You

As part of a ProPublica investigation into the deep, dark toxic

Gil Scott-Heron

Gilbert "Gil" Scott-Heron April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011: Above video

Radiolab Symmetry

Another Radiolab video by Everynone, inspired on the Lab's epsiode "Desperately

Wanna Be Your Dog

Iggy Pop music interpreted by HOUSE production and casting: A stylized take