Community Broadcasters Agenda: revised

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Community Broadcasters Conference Revised Agenda:

Thursday, 12 April 2007
0715 – 0800
Badge Pickup
Continental Breakfast
Begin complaining about RIAA and SoundExchange screwing us on webcasting

0800 – 0815
Conference Welcome – “RIAA not really ‘evil’, just ‘bastardly'”

0815 – 1000
Case Studies in New Facilities and how building would have been easier with
webcasting and everyone at RIAA dead from painful diseases

1000 – 1015
Morning Break
More complaining about RIAA

1015 – 1115
Mapping the Boundaries of HD Radio Coverage and how it’s been limited by the
Great Satan of Webcasting: RIAA

1115 – 1215
HD Radio Technology Update and how RIAA plans to kill us with it

1215 – 1315
Keynote- “RIAA is Destroying the Internet”

And this update.

(From the PUBTech listserv.)

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