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David Bryne photo“Vox Humana” is the theme of this month’s Radio, his 3-hour monthly webcast. Sez Bryne: “I’ve recently stumbled on a bunch of wonderful recent recordings that feature spoken word or the human voice manipulated in various ways — it almost makes me think this might be a time when this vague genre might be flourishing. Really exciting and sometimes funny stuff. Not quite singing, most of the time, but definitely musical. I have read that singing uses one side of the brain and speaking the other, and this stuff probably bridges the gap.”

The a web-stream playlist (128K mp3; also in iTunes Radio: Eclectic) is stuffed w/ great musical Spoken-Wierd, including Joe Frank, Eno, Waits, T.Heads, the Books, Beefheart, and lotsa stuff by the talented SLC composer, and bud of HV, Phillip Kent Bimstein.

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