The Rolling Exhibition

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Photo- Man; Prague, Czech RepublicPhoto- Boy; Sighisoara, RomaniaBorn with no legs, photographer Kevin Connolly rolls thru the streets of the world and takes pictures of the folk looking down at him: The Rolling Exhibition.

(The guy lives in my hometown so you can bet I’ll be doing a radio story with him.)

via Ben- Comma Q.

UPDATE: ABC News 20/20 ran a piece on Kevin. Thanks for all your comments, however, this is NOT Kevin’s site. I’ll forward your notes to him, but do visit his web works at The Rolling Exhibition and Kevin Michael Connolly.

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Comments (9)

I think you are an amazing person, and I love your photos.

Comment added by Mary Arigoni on 01.04.08

I am a High School Photography teacher who assigns my students to do research on past and present photographers who have made an impact on the world. I would love for my students to see your work and maybe ask you some questions about some of them.
Do you ever get out to New England? We’d love to meet you. See some of your work and hear your thoughts in person.
Ina Malloy
Amity High School
25 Newton Rd
Woodbridge, CT 06525

Comment added by Ina Malloy on 01.04.08

Kevin you are truly an amazing person nad so were your parents for their actions!! It’s almost embarrassing to think of the limitations I have put on my life and their just in my head.
You are truly insprirational!!!!

Comment added by Terry Carhart on 01.04.08

I know exactly how you feel. I’m a quad on a ventilator, via a tracheostomy. I usually travel alone, unlike most vent users, and have lived in Japan, and Hawaii.
When I was pregnant with my 2 kids, my husband would pull my ventilator aloneside me in a childs little red wagon.
I know those looks all too well… but isn’t it something when those stares turn into smiles, when people realize we’re just like them, we just do things a little differently.

Comment added by Karen on 01.04.08

What a great story! I’m a former Montanan, and I swear in the 20/20 story, I saw a shot of my little neice looking at you, if the photo was in Montana (her parents hang out in Bozeman a lot). It might sound trite, but it’s so cool to see stories from Montana that aren’t about eccentric criminals, if you know what I mean. You’ve started something really big, I think… brace yourself for the plethera of communications coming your way! I wish your Exhibition would/could hit the road and spend some time here in Denver, maybe in the museum of Nature and Science, or in the new Denver Art Museum. It would be a huge hit here. You’re a superstar! Nice work!

Happy New Year, Kevin. Mary

Comment added by Mary on 01.04.08

Awesome and brilliant

Comment added by The Secrets on 01.05.08

To this wholely-limbed father of two, the way you have chosen to focus on possibility… shames me, in a good way. After seeing your 20/20 interview/story, knowing little else about you (I’ve seen all your work), I only think of you and my challenges dissipate. My own difficulties become difficult to value the same way. I hope you know with absolute certainty that your very choices in life (although apparently obvious ones to you) have set in motion inestimable change in people who learn of you. You’re a living, breathing reality check for me, and I thank you for that.

Your work is riveting. You’ve capitalized in a uniquely potent fashion on your innate perspective, and made visible some trenchant truths of the human condition. I look forward to seeing more of your work, and thanks for that as well.
Michael Amos
Hollywood, CA

Comment added by Michael Amos on 01.05.08

Dude,the exprecions on peoples eyes you are getting are worth a million bucks. I do wedding photography for a living and I hope I really do as I think I do and really try to capture peoples emotins. What you do is amaizing and the looks you capture ara priceless. Thanks for that shot in the arm of positivism with your thirst for life and how you carrie yourself with such a cool demeanor. Dude you are one blessed individual ans I see you apreciated and taking advanatge of it. God bless man!
Love to see more of you work and learn you shooting preferences.

Comment added by Juan L. Gonzalez on 01.05.08

Outstanding! I love your work of looking at life while it’s lookin back at us. I’m a guy who never had any prejudice about a person’s physicality and reared my kids (7 of ’em) to loathe it. FINALLY average folks are beginning to see that a guy on a skateboard or woman with a cane or woman playing a keyboard with her tongue are regular folks just like everyone. Hopefully folks who weren’t born like you will be more able to adapt to whatever they’re dealing with with your inspiration. Additionally, know that you show inhibited budding photographers to capture what they’re seeing and feeling for all of us to appreciate. With a camera in my hands for 45 years, your work is STRONG. Kudos! Nikon’s just waiting to put a D3 in your hands for promo images I’ll bet!

Comment added by Pasquale on 03.20.08

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