Gay Football

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HV/Story/ Work by: Mark Allen

Dallas Cowboys stadiumThis was scheduled to run on last Friday’s NPR All Things Con, but got canceled last minute — we’re still not sure why. That’s no reason y’all shouldn’t hear it, tho.

So here’s something for those who think this week’s “Super” ends not in “Tuesday” but in “bowl.” A gay man crosses the line into unexplored fields, “For once in my life I wanted to watch an entire football game intently.” Mark Allen (from his “The Homosexual Brain” blog-post) with “Gays & Football” (2:05 mp3):

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[…] of the schedule at the last second. Oh well. My heroes Larry and Barrett of have posted it over at their site for now. Speaking of, Hearing Voices have a new hour-long weekly show coming up on NPR—stay tuned for […]

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