HV006- Radio Dial

KPRK art-deco building, Livingston MTHearing Voices from NPR®
006 Radio Dial: Signals from the Sky
Host: Barrett Golding of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2010-05-26 (Originally: 2008-04-09)

“Radio Dial” (52:00 mp3):

Radio stories about radio, then stories about radio stories:

“Dueling XMTRs! #3: VOIRI vs. the World” (2003 / 1:01 excerpt) ShortWaveMusic

These “Dueling Transmitters” are an atmospheric found-sound un-manipulated mix of Spanish ham-radio operators, slow Morse code, data squalls, and the Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran. From the Shortwavemusic blog post “The Effects of Radiation.”

“Urbana FM” (2004 / 4:05) Jake Warga

An FM radio station in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, is called Urbana. It’s hip, bilingual, plays music from all over the world, and is famous in Uruguay for its 30-second sound portraits featuring the voices of famous people mixed over avante-garde music.

“Radio Reloj” (2005 / 1:02 excerpt) Vocal Sampling

The Cuban a-capella ensemble approximates a radio dial with their vocal chords. From the group Vocal Sampling’s (site | space) CD Una Forma Mas.

“The Grotesque” (2007 / 1:07 excerpt) Myke Weiskopf

Shortwave/music mixes by LA sound artist Myke Dodge Weiskopf, off his 30: a Retrospective 1976-2006

“WWV- The Tick” (0:46) Douglas Grant

The government’s all-time all-the-time radio station goes commercial, voiced by former WWV announcer John Doyle.

“Radio Gondar” (2007 / 2:33) Jake Warga

A community radio station in Gondar, Ethiopia broadcasts health education programs on subjects ranging from HIV/AIDS prevention to the dangers of using dirty tattoo needles.

“Interlude 2: Faders” (1:30 excerpt) Myke Weiskopf

Another shortwave with music mix from 30: a Retrospective 1976-2006

“Sun Song” (2000 / 2:48) Barrett Golding

We send our signals out into space, but space also sends us radio waves. The Sun broadcasts 24/7. You can even hear the Northern Lights, if you have the right gear, and recordist Steve McGreevey has a van full of it. These are his Natural Radio recordings, with music by Racket Ship.

“Ray-Dee-Ohh” (2:49) ZBS

The The Android lament the loss of the great Johnny Fever and the golden age of rockin’ radio.

“Chesty’s Debut” (2007 / 4:09) Chesty Morgan’s Forbidden Love!

Some rogue NPR commentators try to start a new series, but instead end up podcasting tales of lust, commerce, insanity, and inanity.

“Duelling XMTRs! #2” (2005 / 0:51 excerpt) ShortWaveMusic

More Dueling Transmitters: this time it’s Radio Bulgaria versus the religious station, Family Radio International. From the Shortwavemusic blog post “Throwing Darts at a Spinning Globe.”

“Gary & Gertrude Gnu with the G-News” (2:50 excerpts) The Audio Kitchen

This tape was found in a Union, New Jersey Thrift Store. It comes to us from the WFMU program by The Professor, of found-sound, amateur recordings, and homestyle noise.

“Language Removal Services” (5:14) Larry Massett

An interview with Douglas Flieshut, artist, inventor and co-founder of Language Removal Services: “”These frozen portraits of a person’s speaking habits outline a spirit or soul that underlies that language.”

“People Don’t Have Anything to Say” (1:33)

Everyone’s favorite morning man is caught in a media manipulation; montaged with music by Jeanjacket Shotgun.

“The Friendly Man” (16:13) Scott Carrier

A radio classic on trying to make some money in commercial radio. Harper’s Magazine printed it as an article: “Working for the friendly man.” Originally made in 1996 for This American LifeMedia Fringe” episode, and repeated in the one-hour TAL/Scott Carrier special “The Friendly Man.”

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