HV008- About Aging

Duplex Planet magazine coverHearing Voices from NPR®:
008 About Aging—
I Thought You’d Never Ask
Host— David Greenberger of Duplex Planet
Airdates— 2009-04-22 (Originally: 2008-04-23)

“About Aging” (53:00 mp3):

Host David Greenberger of Duplex Planet presents glorious moments and observations from people in the last years of their lives:

Dave Alvin discusses the song he wrote about his dying father, “Man in the Bed,” from the Western Folklife Center’s What’s in a Song? series.

Comedians Bob & Ray are “The Whirleys”.

From StoryCorps comes a remembrance from Richard Craig of his days as a dance host on cruise ships.

In Sound Portraits “The Ground We Live On” journalist Adrian Nicole LeBlanc faces mortality in recordings she made during her father’s last months alive.

And host David Greenberger shares some stories told him over the years by the elderly, including “Growing Old in East LA“.

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Great show — I hope there are more of the same in the works. It’s a much sexier topic than most people would imagine, or at least it’s very interesting and affecting.

Comment added by Russel Forster on 05.18.08

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There is an another nice related / relevant HVox story by Larry Massett; to wit:

Travels with Mom follows Larry Massett and his mother to the Tybee Island, Georgia, of today and of the 1920’s, as recalled by Mrs. Massett.”

Diana Nyad, host of ‘The Savvy Traveler’, said of the story: ‘What a sweet time Larry Massett and his mom had together. And to hear him appreciating the poetry and humor through her 90 years of memories, it gives one a positive prospective on the years to come’. I second that.

Comment added by Jack R. Box on 04.30.09

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