Burma Cyclone- Election

Here’s Chance’s more accurate Cyclone report w/ the other story, not being told: the Burmese elections. No one would run this, so we’ll post it, “Irawaddy Delta Blues” (5:10 mp3):

Sez Chance: “All live interviews gathered from Mae Sot, Thailand (same town where all land-transported aid is entering Burma from). Interviews are with medical workers and Burmese migrant laborers (who work in Thailand but sleep & vote in Burma).

Phone interviews are excerpts of conversations between local aid workers and their relatives/friends/peers in the Irrawaddy Delta. For the safety of all interviewees and by their direct request, neither they nor their actual villages can be named.”

This image from ABITSF– The All Burma I.T Students’ Front:

Beach littered with broken buildings

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Thank you Jack for the piece and HV for making it available. Why won’t anyone run this? What are people afraid of? Thanks for spreading some truth.

Comment added by Bill Slammon on 05.15.08

The picture above with all the bodies in the water is actually from the December 26th Tsunami, not the Burmese cyclone…

Comment added by Sara Simonich on 11.15.08

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