HV011- Road Trip

Larry driving with his dog BoHearing Voices from NPR®
011 Road Trip: Travelers’ Tales
Host: Larry Massett of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2009-5-27 (Originally: 2008-05-14)

“Road Trip” (54:00 mp3):

Host Larry Massett spends a “Long Day on the Road” with ex-KGB in the Republic of Georgia.

Scott Carrier starts in Salt Lake and ends on the Atlantic in this cross-country “Hitchhike.”

Lemon Jelly adds beats to the life of a “Ramblin’ Man.”

Writer/singer Willie Vlautin with his band band Richmond Fontaine sends musical postcards from the flight of “Walter On the Lam.”

And Mark Allen tells a tale of a tryst with a “Kinko’s Crackhead.”

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Comments (4)

I just discovered this series this morning. What took me so long?

Comment added by Eric Davis on 05.31.09

God I couldn’t survive this world without NPR and its great diversity of offerings that soothe my soul and satisfy my curiosity. Thanks to all the contributors, artists and hard working production staff that bring these gem to us each and every day

Comment added by john on 06.01.09

Thank God for Hearing Voices and Scott Carrier.

Comment added by Damon on 06.02.09

I thumbed around the US in 72-75 as a teen and have been a trucker for 35 years going everywhere and anywhere.This episode was a reminder of the wonderlust that has always been in my soul.

Comment added by randy on 03.13.12

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