HV020- The Old Country

Maps of Vietnam, Croatia, and RumaniaHearing Voices from NPR®
020 The Old Country: Back to the Homeland
Host: Neenah Ellis of If I Live to Be 100
Airs week of: 2009-07-29 (Originally: 2008-07-16)

“The Old Country” (52:00 mp3):

Three hearts searching for home:

Going back to Vietnam makes Nguyen Qui Duc realize “Home is Always Somewhere Else,” from Crossing East produced by Dmae Roberts.

Host Neenah Ellis goes looking for her family in Croatia, where “The Old Country is Gone.”

And Andrei Codrescu returns to his Romanian home town and stares into the “Eyes of Sibiu” (produced by Larry Massett.)

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Comments (6)

Great listening!
Good to hear the familiar voice of Ardrei Codrescu in his home haunts.

Comment added by Day J on 07.19.08

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this. I do not have relatives with “a place to return to” so it was quite eye-opening to me – how returning to a home country can be nostalgic and yet so frustrating…

There is something so intriguing about Andrei Codrescu. I’d like to hear more from him.

Comment added by Fweetieb on 07.30.08

It is rare to read or hear very much about Croatia and its culture. I enjoyed hearing Neenah Ellis’ story and sounds of her visit to Croatia with her Dad. I, too, am of Croatian heritage and recall hearing my grandparents speak of the animosities among the Yugoslavs. Hearing the men sing and the music playing I was happily reminded of my father and his brothers in their Croatian band, their harmonizing and the tamboritzas tinkling with such emotion. Someday I hope to make my own pilgrimage to the villages my four grandparents and glimpse the places they left amost a hundred years ago, however different they must be today. I would love to hear more about Croatia. How about an exploration of the rich folk music?
Thank you!

Comment added by maria on 08.05.08

I loved this pod cast and I’m a boring ole American. But I have friends who are from the three countries discussed and each of them agreed with how the sound and narrative captured the land.

great work!

Comment added by Lindsey on 08.13.08

[…] Neenah’s HV Hour. addthis_url = ‘http%3A%2F%2Fhearingvoices.com%2Fnews%2F2008%2F12%2Fneenah-ellis-wyso-gm%2F’; […]

great stories. I especially love the Vietnam piece; it made me realize how important it is for family to stay together for Vietnamese people.

Comment added by Dean on 11.28.09

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