HV019- Life on the Mississippi

Tugboat pilot Joe AdamsHearing Voices from NPR®
019 Life on the Mississippi: River Towns
Host: Scott Carrier of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2010-06-02 (Originally: 2008-07-09)

“Life on the Mississippi” (52:00 mp3):

A Tour of the River Towns:

“Life on the Mississippi” (1984 / 52:00) Larry Massett

Hannibal, Missouri, birthplace of Mark Twain; a day on a tugboat; St. Louis showboats; and changing the course of mighty rivers. We spend the whole hour on this 1984 downstream trip through the history and mystery of the Big Muddy, with Larry Massett and Scott Carrier.

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Comments (3)

It is too bad that you interviewed people about Twain that did not know a thing about the man. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Everything that was said about him was completely false. First of all he was a licensed pilot on the river, and he did write his own books. It is amazing that he spent his career standing up for all the folks along the river, and 100 years after his death they are ripping him apart. Oh, the man that you interviewed at the beginning that said he knew people that knew Twain is impossible. They are liars. Twain last went to Hannibal more than 105 years ago. They should try actually reading his books.

Comment added by RA on 06.06.10

Psst. RA, the story’s from 1984. Math.

Comment added by FBomb on 06.07.10

Beautiful and haunting. I had to listen to this twice. I especially liked the part with the woman talking about the show boats and jazz music.

Larry Masset & Scott Carrier are a perfect duo.


Comment added by Johnee on 06.08.10

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