HV023- This Is Insanity

Howard Dully receiving his Hearing Voices from NPR®
023 This is Insanity: Disturbed Mental States
Host: Scott Carrier of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2010-03-03 (Originally: 2008-08-06)

“This is Insanity” (52:00 mp3):

A survey of disturbed mental states:

“This is Insane” (1:42 excerpt) William S Burroughs

With the music of Disposable Heroes of Hiphopcracy (rapper Michael Franti and percussionist Ron Tse), from the 1993 CD Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales.

“Electroshock” (3:42) Anon.

A first-person account from an anonymous reporter of his experience undergoing ElectroConvulsive Therapy.

“Frontier Psychiatrist” (1:24 excerpt) The Avalanches

Music from the Australian mashup/cut-up artists 2000 CD Since I Left You.

“The Test” (14:53) Scott Carrier

Our host travels the Utah backroads testing folk for schizophrenia.

“Keep Busy” (3:45) Joe Frank

The narrator is pathologically challenged by time, and the stories societies tell themselves, excerpted from the 2006 radio hour “Time’s Arrow.”

“My Lobotomy” (21:11) Sound Portraits

Howard Dully traces the reasons and repercusssions of his transorbital or “ice pick” lobotomy, a radical new procedure in the treatment of mental illness in this country, pioneered and performed by psychiatrist Walter J. Freeman.

Produced by Dave Isay and Piya Kochhar, with help from Larry Blood, Eliza Bettinger, Brett Myers, Jessica Tickten, Anna Goldman, Maisie Tivnan, Colin Murphy and Jonah Engle Narratored by Howard Dully; edited by Gary Covino. Jack El-Hai was project advisor. Special thanks to: Barbara Dully, Andrew Goldberg, Christine Johnson, Lyle Slovick & David Anderson at the GWU Gelman Library archives. Funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting with additional support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Comments (9)

This show was fascinating. Unfortunately I had to leave the car radio and go in to work and missed the last half of the lobotomy portion- I can’t wait to hear it from the archives!!!

Comment added by Suzi on 08.14.08

audio up.

Comment added by BG on 08.14.08

[…] The first trans orbital procedure …. […]

The section on the schizophrenia is absolutely groundbreaking.

Comment added by Mindy on 01.27.09

Many goosebumps and hairs standing up as if static electricity..

Comment added by mr. kim brettingen on 03.07.10

I only heard the last few minutes of the program (about labotomies), and I am really interested in hearing the whole program, once it is posted. The story of lobotomies was disturbing, but unfortunately true….the story was well done.

Comment added by Pat on 03.07.10

I have heard (and seen) Howard Dully’s piece before, yet it still brings tears to my eyes; the sheer arrogance of the step-mother in “dealing” with her young son’s issues, but also his father is lucky that his son doesn’t confront outright that smug veneer of not bringing up “the bad things”. Shame on that coward!
I also wonder if modern medicine isn’t simply lobotomizing children with pharmaceuticals these days when parents have decided to “do” something about kids’ sometimes inappropriate behavior.
A great show, and awesome program all around.

Comment added by Lee on 03.13.10

i’d appreciate i f someone can tell me where i can find the transcript for this pod
thanks from Arg

Comment added by Rafa on 06.22.11

Sorry, no transcript available. (We don’t have the resources to kick out weekly transcripts… some day, tho.)

Comment added by BG on 06.23.11

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