HV056- An Hour of Earth

NASA photo of Earth from spaceHearing Voices from NPR®:
056 An Hour of Earth— For Earth Day
Host— Barrett Golding of Hearing Voices
Airs week of— 2009-04-15

“An Hour of Earth” (52:00 mp3):

Walk on the wild side with earthly tales of animals, environments, and outdoor adventure:

We canoe Wyoming’s “Green River” (1994) with Scott Carrier.

Tom Lopez of ZBS records some samba “Singing Frogs” in Brazil, or are they toads?

Poet Andrei Codrescu, of The Exquisite Corpse, composes a microcosmic “Environment” based on burgers (from No Tacos for Saddam 1992).

“Subtext: Communicating with Horses” is Jay Allison‘s inter-species conversation, part of his 1985 series Animals and Other Stories.

And Sarah Vowell has subterranean supper in the Carlsbad Caverns’ “Underground Lunchroom”, from a 2001 This American Life.

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Comments (4)

Good Afternoon,

I was just wondering if anyone knew the title and artist of the theme song in Hearing Voices. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!!!

Comment added by Perry M on 04.17.09

HV theme music: “Taxi De L’espace” (excerpt) by Skyward
from self-titled:

by my good bud Joe Skyward, aka:

Comment added by BG on 04.17.09

Woke this morning to Scott Carrier’s “Green River” the story and my dream completely intermingling. Something colored like a parrot in his story was a stuffed, craft store parrot in mine. And his river was a walking path on the median between two roads.

Beautiful, beautiful.I can’t wait to go back and listen to this for real.

Comment added by TH on 04.19.09

Finally! I have found my Andrei Codrescu monolog! I had heard this in the spring and loved it. I searched almost a day and found it. May I use your piece for my nurse nutrition class Mr. Codrescu? Thank you, Sharon

Comment added by Sharon on 08.15.09

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