HV082- Shortcuts- 21st Century II

New Orleans roads bridges, and buildings floodedHearing Voices from NPR®
082 Shortcuts- 21st Century II: Decade One
Host: Peter Bochan of WPKN-Bridgeport CT
Airs week of: 2010-01-20

“Shortcuts- 21st Century II” (52:00 mp3):

Part two in this three hour-long retrospective of the first decade, of the century, of the millennium:

Shortcut Thru the 21st Century, Part Two (52:00) Peter Bochan

We survey selected speech, song, and soundbites from 2003 thru 2005; from the invasion of Iraq, to electing a U.S. President, to the flooding of New Orleans.

Shortcuts are assembled, mixed and mashed by audio wizard Peter Bochan, of All Mixed Up, WBAI-NYC and WPKN-Bridgeport CT. Next week, the final part: 2006-2009 (all three at PRX).

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Comments (5)

really enjoyed pt 2. Like the music too.

Comment added by Oliver on 01.22.10

really npr is the best program.

Comment added by nurudin on 01.23.10

What’s the name of the soundbite where the man with the British accent is reading the fairy tale of the Bush family? I want to know so I can download it.

These mixes really bring back memories of the lost decade 2000 – 2009. RIP.

Comment added by weedit on 01.23.10

It’s Alistair Cooke reading one of his very last “Letters From America” for the BBC. He died that year.


Comment added by BG on 01.25.10

the string arrangement of life during wartime is fantastic, used to great effect. where would I get it?

Comment added by ben on 01.31.10

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