HV083- Shortcuts- 21st Century III

Foreclosure sign on houseHearing Voices from NPR®
083 Shortcuts- 21st Century III: Decade One
Host: Peter Bochan of WPKN-Bridgeport CT
Airs week of: 2010-01-27

“Shortcuts- 21st Century III” (52:00 mp3):

The final hour in our three hour-long retrospective of this first decade of the century, and the millennium:

Shortcut Thru the 21st Century, Part Three (52:00) Peter Bochan

We survey selected speech, song, and soundbites of the stories and celebs from 2006 thru 2009: Christ’s passion, planetary climate change, presidential contenders, Ponzi schemes, collapsing economies, Tiger, Michael, Sully, Britney, Bush, Obama, foreclosure, bailout, Bradgelina, Miss USA, You Tube, and the continuing decline of western civilization.

Shortcuts are assembled, mixed and mashed by audio wizard Peter Bochan, of All Mixed Up, WBAI-NYC and WPKN-Bridgeport CT. (All three 21C Shortcuts hours are at PRX.)

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Comments (3)


I listened to all three parts on Sirius radio, and for the most part enjoyed. However why did you include a clip of Bill Clinton saying ‘I did not have sex with that woman…”? To me it was not appropriate or timely to the piece.

Douglas Peterson
Rapid River, MI

Comment added by douglas peterson on 02.01.10

I had the pleasure of hearing this while on a long trip in the car, very moving material! A job well done by the artist!!

Comment added by Joe Andrews on 02.02.10

it is amazing, it is history, emotion, culture, all in one package. It is educational and entertaining at the same time. Should be required listening high school and college students.
thanks peter for your incredibly thoughtful and insightful work…your work is treasure to me.

Comment added by jeff on 02.03.10

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