HV086- WHER-Memphis

WHER all-women staffHearing Voices from NPR®
086 WHER-Memphis: All Girl Radio
Host: Susan Stamberg of NPR
Airs week of: 2011-03-09 (Originally: 2010-03-10)

“WHER-Memphis” (52:00 mp3):

“WHER: 1000 Beautiful Watts” (52:00) Kitchen Sisters

The first all-girl radio station in the nation, WHER-Memphis, went on-air in 1955. It was the brainchild of sound legend Sam Phillips, who created the groundbreaking format with money he raised from selling Elvis Presley’s Sun Studios contract. Women almost exclusively ran the station. They read the news, interviewed local celebrities, and spun popular records. They sold and produced commercials, directed and engineered programming, and sat at the station’s control boards.

NPR’s Susan Stamberg hosts this one hour special on WHER, produced for the Kitchen Sisters’ series Lost and Found Sound. Mixed by Jim McKee of Earwax.

NPR links for WHER: music | part 1 & 2 | press | transcript | WHER reunion.

More info: PRX | Country Music Showcase.

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Comments (6)

This was such an interesting program. I am looking forward to hearing it again. Congrats Kitchen Sisters.

Comment added by Twilla D on 03.14.10

I was able to catch the very beginning of this show last night but had to go in so missed the rest of it. I am looking forward to hearing the whole thing. It sounded like a great story!

Comment added by ccm on 03.14.10

I love radio and have since I was a kid. There is something mysterious and comforting attached to a disembodied voice entering your personal space. What a trip through history. I did radio and am about to go back to it. This is true Chick Power- I say; do it like a girl! Thank you

Comment added by Rhonda C on 03.18.10

[…] show “Hearing Voices”. The 52 minute long segment can be heard currently on the Hearing Voices website. All the music in the piece was culled from WHER’s own […]

[…] (another lady-run media group worth knowing about and supporting) here (Real Audio required) or here (which I think has a little added material).  It’s nearly an hour, but so So SO worth it.  […]

[…] There is an excellent documentary available on-line about WHER from the series “Hearing Voices” on National Public Radio. […]

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