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CD coverSometimes on Radiolab you hear Robert Krull-Witch refer to his co-host, Jad Abumrad, as a composer. Didn’t think much of that till my recent emusic purchase of In C Remixed. It’s alt.versions of Terry Riley’s “In C”, performed by the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble, and scored by more than a score of composers: among them none other than pubradio’s JadA.

There’s 29 fine compositions of this 2-disc set. Turns out Jad’s is my favorite of the whole In C crop. So, with Jad’s permission…

“Counting in C (after T. Riley’s In C) (Jad Abumrad Remix)” (6:08 mp3):

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I agree. Just linked back to your page on FB. don’t know how i even came across this album, i think it was originally something to do with a search for jack dangers remixes. good post.

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