Very Very Underground

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We are know the feeling, what music’ll do to ya…

“Uomo d’acqua dolce:”

My Italian friend, DJ Lara Vaienti, sent me the vid, and this story summary:

[Sez Lara: GOSH I LOVE that guy — you can’t even imagine how much I laugh out loud–every time.]

So he  [comedian Antonio Albanese] goes in (awesome way to enter) and he says “Excuse meeee” Hey DISC JOKEY!!, MR DISC JOKEY–excusee meee!!–”

Then he starts uttering those sounds… finally he gets the attention and speaks in… English: “I’m a countryman.”

He says he’s looking for something very underground, he wants something very, very underground. Then he gets suggestions, and he’s like “no, no — NO. I mean, I mean, very very underground.”

And then he makes up some American, something like “watcha get down, hey get down,” etc..

So again suggestions — “Ben Harper!”

“CHIIIIIIIII????” [means “who???”]

“Lou Reed!”


“James BROWN!”

“no, NO –NO!”

“Fine Young Cannibals!”

So then the owner is sweating over thism, and the “countryman” is trying to comfort him. He calls him “MASSIMINO” [“little Max”], it’s ok, it’s ok, you did your best…” etc.

[Lara: The part where he is dancing makes me cry. Italians—]

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