Rock: Devoted to Dope

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A friend found this literary gem of musical analysis:

Book cover: Rock- Practical Guide for those who listen to the words and don't like what they hear, , by Bob Larson

An excerpt:

Book text: For every rock star done in by dope, another comes along to claim the cause. But what of the dead? Who purchased their records and supported their drug habits? Who yelled for another encore and pushed the pressures of stardom beyond the limits of endurance? Their fans, that's who. Maybe your own son or daughter. What really killed these talented but undisciplined musicians? The drug or the demands of the public who drove them to it? It's a point worth making to your child before he buys another album of an artist devoted to dope.

Wikipedia writes: “Bob Larson is an American radio and television evangelist.” Aka, in RationalWiki terms: “a notoriously sensationalist fundamentalist Christian windbag… He spent at least 1/3 of every show begging for money.”

WFMU has more Anti-Rock ‘n’ Roll Books.

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