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Joe Frank in rehearsal and production for his spoken work show Just An Ordinary Man at Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Photo Credit: Mark Campbell CreativeHearing Voices from NPR®
126 Joe Frank: God and Girls
Host: Barrett Golding of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2011-11-16

“Joe Frank” (52:00 mp3):

An hour under the influence of radio maestro and radical raconteur Joe Frank. Many of these pieces pulled from the collection Joe Frank Team Favorites- Vols 1 and 2. Thanks to Michal Story for her help with this episode:

“God” (2004 / 1:48)

Voice: Joe Frank.
From the hour: “Duplicity.”

“I Have Seen God” (1989 / 2:07)

Voice: Ryan Cutrona.
From the hour: “Great Lives.”
Series: Work in Progress.
On the CD: Work in Progress- Characters and Scenes.

“Always There” (1999 / 4:30)

Voices: David Cross, Joe Frank.
From the hour “Jam.”
Series: Word in Progess.
On the CD Joe Frank Team Favorites- Vol 1
Music: James Brown “Papa Don’t Take No Mess” Hell.

“Ragged Claws” (2004 / 4:41 excerpt)

Voice: Joe Frank.
From the hour: “Time’s Arrow.”
On the CD: Joe Frank Team Favorites- Vol 2.
Music: Air “Alone In Kyoto” Talkie Walkie.

“Prayers” (1994 / 8:19)

Voices: (Anonymous).
From the hour: “Prayer.”
Series In the Dark.
On the CD: Joe Frank Team Favorites- Vol 2.
Music: Thomas Newman “Shut Up Pedro” The Linguini Incident (Soundtrack).

“Not Joe Frank” (2004 / 2:36)

Voice: Joe Frank.
From the hour: “Bottle for a Headstone.”
On the CD: Joe Frank Team Favorites: Vol 2.

“Annalee’s Story” (1987 / 4:23)

Voice: Annalee Jeffries.
From the hour: “The End.”
Series: Work in Progress.
On the CD: Work in Progress- Characters and Scenes.
Music: Vladimir Cosma “Promenade sentimentale” (from the film “Diva”) Cosma: 40 films – 40 Bandes Originales.

“Date with Arianna Huffington” ( / 7:42)

Voices: Joe Frank, Lester Nafzger.
From the hour: “Bad Faith.”
On the CD: Joe Frank Team Favorites: Vol 2.

“Phone Group Therapy” (1997 / 11:13)

Voices: Keith Talbot, Grace Zabrinskie, Lester Natzger, Laura Estermann, Arthur Miller, Joe Frank.
From the hour: “Phone Therapy.”
Series: Somewhere out There.
On the CD: Selections from The Other Side- Volume 2.
Music: Terranova “Sugarhill” Close The Door.

“No Place to Go” (1997 / 3:18)

Voice: A drifter.
From the hour: The Street.
Series: Work in Progress.
On the CD: Joe Frank Team Favorites- Vol 2.

Try to catch Joe Frank live:

Just an Ordinary Man, a selection from Joe Frank live at the Steppenwolf Theater, Chicago, March 13, 2010, featuring James Harrah on guitar. Film by D.P. Carlson from Film Foetus

Official Site: Joe Frank

Wikipedia: Joe Frank

Facebook: Joe Frank

YouTube: Joe Frank Theater

Archive.org (copy of): JFWiki

Selected Music:On Joe Frank Programs

Third Coast International Audio Festival:
2003 TCF Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient- Speech

Photo Credit: Mark Campbell Creative.

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Comments (6)

Awful. Not worthy of public broadcasting. I don’t find this interesting, educational or artistic. Who wants to listen to people arguing? What’s up with the “I’m not Joe Frank” rant? And some of it should not be allowed on air before little ones go to bed.

Comment added by Carol Brouwer on 11.18.11

i absolutely loves listening to this on NPR today. I was driving home from work and i was lucky enough to catch it right when it started. I listened to “God” all the way through “Ragged Claws”. All i can say is that it made me realize alot of things.

Thank you for sharing this with me

Comment added by Brittany on 11.19.11

Joe Frank has been a profound inspiration over the years. Thank you airing this.

Comment added by Robert Wright on 11.22.11

The first 15 or 20 minutes about God were amazing. I couldn’t stop listening. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I couldn’t have used better words myself. You were able to make my inner thoughts come alive with your uttered words.

Comment added by Magali on 11.23.11

Joe Frank is an awsome radio personality I admired for years. My buddy turned me on to his show some 25 yrs ago. I used to think he was moonlighting as the voice of the pig on the ‘Duckman’ cartoon. Similar voices though.

Comment added by Joey M on 10.26.14

God’s a handwarmer on a hunting trip.

Comment added by Chris on 03.02.17

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