HV137- In the Mountains

Hearing Voices from NPR®
137 In the Mountains: Towards the Summit
Host: Barrett Golding of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2012-06-20

“In the Mountains” (52:00 mp3):

Heading towards the summit:

“Field recordings: Nepal” (2001 / 7:00 excerpts) quiet american

Field recordings in the Annapurna region of Nepal near Tibet, including a ceremony for the Buddha’s birthday, a few donkey trains passing in a cacophony of melodious bells; and a five-foot prayer wheel in a Buddhist gompa in Marpha.

“Chinese Gardens” (15:58) Alex Chadwick

From NPR Radio Expeditions, hidden deep in the woods of the Payette National Forest are the terraced remnants of the “Ah Toy Garden” (near the town of Warren, Idaho), now on the National Register of Historic Places. Produced by Carolyn Jensen Chadwick with sound desgin by Michael Scweppe.

“Spring Skiing” (2006 / 3:58) Scott Carrier

When most people are headed to the beach, our producer heads for the ski slopes near his home in Utah. The goal is to find a combination of freezing and thawing in the late spring that gives the mountain snow pack the singular spring skiing experience(on PRX | on NPR).

“Ascent to K2” (1996 / 19:14) Joe Frank

Attempting to climb the world’s most deadly and second highest demands extreme gear, training, timing, preparation, and a carefully selected team. Joe Frank eschews every bit of that: why make so easy? Excepted from Joe’s hour, Mountain Rain, available on CD and as an MP3. Music: “Buried At Sea” MC 900 Ft Jesus, One Step Ahead of the Spider.

K2 photo courtesy: Kevin Mayea

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Comments (4)

Wow.. I’m like only 18 years old & when I heard this.. I was like wow.. I heard this on AM radio & I had to come check out this website out.Now I don’t listen to anything on AM except the news now & then to find out about weather.. I mus have been really bored to listen to AM radio.. but when I heard ‘In the Mountains.. I was like I have to check out more of their stuff.. Amazing.. Simply Amazing..~

Comment added by sonny j. on 06.27.12

Once again, I love this series and virtually every episode. So many memorable moments and all in HV’s unmistakable style.

Comment added by Dianne Engleke on 06.27.12

@sonny j – I’m 17, dont count out the am theres some great programs out there (although there are many boring ones I understand lol)! NPR is awesome and informative, there’s news from every corner of the globe. I’ve learned so much about both myself and the world around me just by tuning in.

The Ascent to K2 piece was amazing, I really enjoyed it! I definitely have look into Joe Frank!

Comment added by Patrick Barr on 06.27.12

Like I said this is Amazing. wow.. I want to download this but I cant its not on youtube. lol

Comment added by sonny j. on 07.07.12

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