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Pastor Mike outside school gates

Pastor Mike at Jordan High {format} {format} {format} 4:06 Queena Kim

When the last school bell rings, Pastor Mike Cummings stands in front of Jordan High School in Watts, Los Angeles. Jordan High is next door to the gang-ridden Jordan Downs projects, which students have to pass through to go home -- sometimes with Pastor Mike at their side. [transcript]

Broadcast: Jan 7 2008 on HV PODCAST; Sep 5 2006 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Pacific Drift Subjects: Youth, Education, African American

Side of the bus with letters: Poetry Bus

Poetry Bus {format} {format} 5:33 Jake Warga

Rhyming down the highways, free-versing the freeways, the 2006 Poetry Bus Tour stops in 50 cities in 50 days.

Broadcast: Dec 8 2006 on PRI/WNYC Studio 360 Subjects: Education, Travel, Literature

Lions in the Flash {format} Barrett Golding

A flash photo-audio slideshow from a Penn State home football game.

Broadcast: Nov 14 2006 on HV WebworkSeries: Hearing Voices- Webworks Subjects: Sports, Education

Brass band and baton twirlers in the Halftime football show.

Lions in the Field {format} 8:30 Barrett Golding

Penn State University's Beaver Stadium holds 107,000, the second largest stadium in the world. It's used only for the seven home football games -- on those days the stadium houses Pennsylvania's third largest city. Kickoff time is Saturday afternoon, so you'll want to get there early, like, say, Thursday, when the tailgaters start the party.

Broadcast: Nov 11 2006 on APM Weekend America Subjects: Education, Sports

Harry John Roland Harry at WTC site

Ground Zero Man {format} {format} 4:08 Kelly McEvers

Harry John Roland is a self-appointed tour guide at the World Trade Center. He calls himself the Ground Zero Man, and he's hauled himself down there almost every single day -- for the last five years. He worked as a tour guide in the South Tower. Then, it was his job. Now, it's his obsession. (photo © Andrew Hetherington) [transcript]

Broadcast: Sep 11 2006 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Historical Anniversaries, Education

Old School {format} 59:00 Katie Davis, Taylor Mali, Radio Diaries & [Hearing Voices]

Back-to-School special. Hosted by Katie Davis, of Neighborhood Stories, featuring: "School VP"- Richard Paul follows Assistant Principal Irasema Salcido through her hectic multi-lingual morning at Bell Multicultural High School in DC. "Carried You"- Katie Davis tries to help, but Tiffany tells her she "got carried." A lesson in learning lessons. "What Teachers Make"- Slam poet and history teacher Taylor Mali schools us on honesty, ass-kicking and career choices. "Frankie in Mentone, Alabama: Football"- In a small southern Appalachian town, 17-year old Frankie Luwchuk plays running back for the Valley Head Tigers, and keeps an audio journal of his year; a Teenage Diary produced by Joe Richman. Poems & Prose from Meryn Cadell, Jelani, and Taylor Mali. "In a Bubble"- Producer Hillary Frank gets quiet kids to speak up and have their say. "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)"- Commencement speech words from Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich, performed by actor Lee Perry, over music from Baz Luhrman's film, William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, sung by Quindon Tarver. "Hike to Rock Creek"- Host Katie Davis takes her DC summer camp into the unexplored regions of woods and water, two blocks away from where the kids live. More audio, info and links...

Broadcast: Sep 1 2005 on HV SpecialSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: Acoustic, Big Band, Celtic, Specials, Education

Chicago Matters logo

Quiet Kids {format} {format} 4:07 Hillary Frank

Our increasingly loud world leaves less and less room for those who are, by nature, quiet. These people rarely speak up, so rarely get heard. But underneath all our noise and shouting, there are the softer voices. So listen closely as these four teens talk about why they are and what itís like being quiet. Produced for the WBEZ series Chicago Matters. [transcript]

Broadcast: Mar 23 2005 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Youth, Education, Children

Learning to Love the Cello {format} {format} 2:04 Brent Runyon

A sonic postcard about a young cellist and her budding relationship with her instrument. [transcript]

Broadcast: Jan 23 2004 on NPR Day to DaySeries: WCAI/WNAN Sonic IDs Subjects: Education, Music

Yearbook photo of Algebra teacher, with and without ape head

Algebra Ape {format} {format} 4:45 Mark Allen

Texas, Plano Senior High School, General Sciences Building, Halloween Eve, 1985. Pink pearls, sheer pantyhose, and the face of an ape on the head of math teacher Rhonda Maloney. An educational enigma from the archives of the MarkAllenCam. Editied by Larry Massett. [transcript]

Broadcast: Oct 1 2002 on NPR All Things Considered Subjects: Youth, Education

In class

Language School 17:46 Nancy Updike

The dreaded educational vacation. Three weeks in Mexico City -- en Espanol.

Broadcast: Jun 1 2001 on PRI/MPR Savvy Traveler Subjects: Hispanic, Education, Travel

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