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Part-time Poet {format} 8:57 Larry Massett

Sez Larry: "My neighbor Rich Keplar is a regular-guy neighbor. He's a picture framer, a Vietnam vet, his wife's a lawyer, they have two kids in college, a dog, and a lawn. But one day he mentioned he writes poetry -- strictly amateur, never published. So I asked him to read me a few, expecting… well, I don't know exacty what, but certainly not this…"

Broadcast: Mar 2 2009 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Literature

Troops writing around a tank; detail of book cover

Operation Homecoming {format} {format} Barrett Golding

A web presentation for our series on the NEA book project Operation Homecoming, with additional audio and text from troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Broadcast: Oct 22 2007 on HV PODCAST; Jan 16 2007 on HV WebworkSeries: Operation Homecoming Subjects: War, Literature

Operation Homecoming book cover: troops around tank

Operation Homecoming: Among These Ruins {format} {format} {format} 5:10 Barrett Golding

The third in our series of readings by troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan, from the NEA book project, Operation Homecoming. This week Specialist Helen Gerhardt reads from her email to family and friends about her first few days in Iraq, "Here Among These Ruins". [transcript]

Broadcast: Oct 1 2007 on HV PODCAST; Jan 1 2007 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Operation Homecoming Subjects: Literature, War, International

Scenes from the trail of Slobodan Milosevic at the Hugue

Remedial Theory {format} {format} 12:51 Ben Walker

Great literature allows us to learn to empathize with the experiences of others. So how is it a man now on trial for crimes against humanity is an avid reader of fiction? Might he simple be reading the wrong books? A trip to The Hague to hand-deliver the ’right’ books to Slobodan Milosevic. (For an hour-long version, turn on Your Radio Nightlight.) [transcript]

Broadcast: Aug 6 2007 on HV PODCAST; Jun 13 2004 on PRI/WNYC The Next Big Thing Subjects: Literature, International, Politics, Justice

Charles Bowden {format} 22:41 Scott Carrier

A portrait of the non-fiction writer Charles Bowden, told by the people he's written about and the editors he's worked with. Bowden lives in Tucson, Arizona, and has written extensively on the cultural and physical environment of the Southwest. His style is both harsh and beautiful, and somewhat painful to read, as he takes the position that we are all to blame, or perhaps that there is no one is to blame, for the violent and destructive acts committed against nature and society. He writes about child molestors, drug traffickers, savings and loan executives, real estate developers, and crooked politicians in a way that implicates all of us.

Broadcast: Jul 16 2007 on HV PODCAST Subjects: Environment, Literature

Santa as a boy playing guitar

Song & Memory: New Christy Minstrels {format} 7:06 Ann Heppermann, Rick Moody & Kara Oehler

Author Luc Sante recalls his the Sixties thru the lens of his love for folk music.

Broadcast: Apr 14 2007 on APM Weekend AmericaSeries: Song & Memory Subjects: Literature, Folk, Music, Youth

Jim Harrison photo

Jim Harrison- Poet {format} 6:47 Scott Carrier

A early morning hike with writer Jim Harrison, and his dogs, along the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley, Montana.

Broadcast: Jan 27 2007 on APM Weekend America Subjects: Literature, Environment

Operation Homecoming book cover: troops around tank

Operation Homecoming: Clusters {format} {format} 7:46 Barrett Golding

The first of a series of readings by troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Selections are from the NEA book project, Operation Homecoming, chosen a "Best of 2006" by Washington Post Book World. Army Major Robert Schaefer was a contributor; his poem is titled "Clusters." [transcript]

Broadcast: Dec 18 2006 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Operation Homecoming Subjects: War, Literature, International

Side of the bus with letters: Poetry Bus

Poetry Bus {format} {format} 5:33 Jake Warga

Rhyming down the highways, free-versing the freeways, the 2006 Poetry Bus Tour stops in 50 cities in 50 days.

Broadcast: Dec 8 2006 on PRI/WNYC Studio 360 Subjects: Education, Travel, Literature

Tennyson, Ginsberg, Whitman

Wordshakers {format} 54:00 Alex Caldiero, Scott Carrier, Andrei Codrescu, Barrett Golding, Larry Massett, The Professor, Marjorie Van Halteren & [Hearing Voices]

Poetry Grits Glory Verve in this (((Hearing Voices))) Poetry Month special. Host Hosted by Andrei Codrescu, of NPR and The Exquisite Corpse, featuring: Lord Alfred Tennyson bangs the podium in "The Charge of the Light Brigade." Thomas Edison waxes Walt Whitman's "America." Cheerleaders Chant" a found-poem. Host Andrei Codrescu decontructs his "Poetry." Denise Levertov knows "The Secret." Carl Sandburg wonders "What is Poetry?" (produced by Barrett Golding). Scott Carrier presents the categorical conundrum of "Alex Caldiero- Poet?" Ed Sanders poses "A Question of Fame." Host Codrescu gives a play-by-play of "Poetic Terrorism." DJ Spooky remixes Vladimir Maiakovski. Pre-teen poet Sawyer Shetfs lists "The Sound I Hear at Night." In New Orleans a hot-dog vendor, a barkeep, and a stripper get churned in the "Poetry Combine (produced by Larry Massett). "Soldiers Drill" their found-poem. Jan Kerouac responds to her father's poetry and parenting in "Jan on Jack" (produced by Marjorie Van Halteren). Allen Ginsberg runs a "Personals Ad." Marianne Faithful performs Gregory Corso's "Getting to the Poem." Another poem is found in "Double Dutch Rhymes." Alex Caldiero concludes "Poetry is Wanted Here." And a Phoebe Snow fan helps sing "Poetry Man." More audio, info and links...

Broadcast: Apr 1 2006 on HV SpecialSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: Specials, Literature, Historical

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