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NPR Road Trip

UPDATE: The NPR Road Trip site owner tells us NPR now has their own station-trip tool: NPR: Station Finder.

Found this on the NPR site: NPR Road Trip. It’s a nifty gadget that maps your route and the NPR stations along the way. Mouse over the radio tower icon and you’re presented with call letters, frequency and the approximate broadcast range.

Useful for those who are prone to wandering…

detail of \'NPR Road Trip\'

who loves ya baby?

Wilco the Song, if you’re feeling a little low, oh, oh, oh, oh Wilco…

be, impressive, be, be, impressive . . .

“Basketball is a wonderful thing for a community because it is a warm place where everyone can go and it isn’t a church or a bar.” – Phil Jackson


Apathy was thick as I approached the theater for a screening of Class C. Five minutes in, I was completely converted. Class C, a documentary film produced by Bozemanite Mark Zetler, follows 5 Montana Class C girls basketball teams as they make their way to the State tournament. Instantly engaging and entertaining, it’s a beautifully crafted story about Montana and basketball; an interview with coaching legend and Montana native Phil Jackson is deftly intertwined. Go out of your way to see it!

Free screening at the Alberta Bair Theater in Billings on February 23rd at 8pm.
Airs on MontanaPBS:
Wednesday February 27th at 8pm
Monday March 3rd at 7pm
More on Class C

rattle cans

If art/beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder then this guy can tag my building anytime. Learn more at

Banksy’s Wet Dog
Wet Dog by Banksy

Banksy’s Ratapult
Ratapult by Banksy

New Bansky book: Wall and Piece.

Closer to home the City of Bozeman has finally had ENOUGH (they became very interested in graffiti after one of their own buildings was damn near wrecked by rattle can vandals)

Tomorrow night (1/28) at their regular meeting the Bozeman City Commission will respond to this:
The Old Bozeman Library, tagged

With this:
*Consider creating and staffing a Vandalism and Graffiti Task Force consisting of one staff liaison, one representative of the Downtown Partnership, one representative of the Bozeman Police Department, one representative of the local business community, one representative of the INC, and one representative of the Bozeman School District to direct and perform public outreach and education, study possible mitigation measures and long-term solutions, and make future recommendations to the City Commission.

If Cute is in Your Vocabulary

cool cat
This scene is a whole world unto itself – I am completely captivated by it.
I especially like the small deer, seemingly ready to fight or play (it’s a fine line between the two).

(photo by a friend of a friend of a friend in Missoula)