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HV031- The Stamberg Files

Susan plays pieces she’s most proud of from the NPR archives.

Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time

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Work by: David Greenberger

In support of David Greenberger's new CD, Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time is

Cowboy Chanukah

Just in time for Chanukah (Dec 21-29), Seattle's Captain Smartypants yodel

ZBS- Barking Guns & Dancing Dolls

A pro-Mafia musical.

The Box- ZBS

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HV/Story/ Work by: Tom Lopez · ZBS

Don't answer the phone, and definitely don't put your hand inside.

Joe Frank- LA Weekly

By 2008.09.24 tags: , . Comment»

LA Weekly article on Joe Frank's one-man play "Just an Ordinary

Noir Daughters- ZBS

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HV/Story/2 Minute Noir/ Work by: Tom Lopez · ZBS

NPR Day to Day continues to air episodes in the new ZBS dramedy 2 Minute Film Noir.

Comedy about Cancer

By 2008.06.18 tags: , . Comment»

The Salt Lake Tribune profiles Jeff Metcalf "Writing for the stage"

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