HV031- The Stamberg Files

Susan Stamberg at microphone in NPR studiosHearing Voices from NPR®
031 The Stamberg Files: Essays, Audio-tours, and Interviews
Host: Susan Stamberg of NPR
Airs week of: 2009-12-30 (Originally: 2008-10-01)

“The Stamberg Files” (52:00 mp3):

Susan pulls some pieces she’s most proud of from the NPR audio archives:

She knits her way though history, takes us on a personal tour of DC, and tries to interest her colleagues in resurrecting her infamous relish recipe.

She talks with economist Milton Friedman, actor Judi Dench, writer Nora Ephron, and pianist Leon Fleisher.

In pursuit of patriotism, Ms. Stamberg de-France-ifies popular culture, then ends in a Parisian park, chatting with a world-class conversationalist. Above photo &copy 2006 NPR by Antony Nagelmann.

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Comments (9)

What a wonderful way to spend a sunday morning in bed. Susan’s pieces were amazing to listen to as I buried my body beneath my comfy comforter with ears attuned to my bedside radio..

Comment added by alexia buford on 10.05.08

Driving up the NY Thruway at 7 AM on a Sunday I stumbled upon today’s show. After hearing it – I would have been on the road at 5 AM if I knew I’d be listening to that great content! Thanks sooo much Susan………………………

I’ll even give my wife your Cranberry relish recipe!

Comment added by Howard Fertig on 10.05.08

Milton Friedman, my hero, for putting Stamberg straight. Stamberg sounds like a Communist to me. Glad to see Friedman defend the free market so well. Stamberg and her Communist Russian taxi drivers need to stop bitching, as Friedman put it.

Comment added by Tinou Bao on 10.17.08

Susan Stamberg’s lavish praise, on The Stamberg Files, of Nora Ephron was either meant as a practical joke or, if serious, indicates a gross misstatement of fact. Ephron’s movie-making resume can’t compare with that of other women in the movies, both past and present.

For example, Stamberg is certainly old enough to have seen Ida Lupino, and must be aware of Lupino’s ground-breaking work as a movie director.

Stick to Thanksgiving recipes, Susan. You’ll have a better chance of avoiding on-air gaffes.

Comment added by Cody on 01.03.10

Susan, LOVED this edition of Hearing Voices, thank you. BTW, the relish was a HIT. LOL.

Happy, Healthy New Year.

Comment added by Fred Li on 01.03.10

Forgot to plug my NPR station I heard it on, WFUV, (member too!)

Comment added by Fred Li on 01.03.10

Loved this melange, especially Nora and Dame Judi. Heard it while I was cooking on KSFR Public Radio Santa Fe!

Comment added by Elsa on 01.28.10

I heard this for the first time via the Hearing Voices site.

I adored it, especially the Miss Lily piece!

Thank you thank you!

Comment added by Kristi on 05.10.11

[…] Stamberg presents some of her favorite interviews, The Stamberg Files: Essays, Audio-tours, and Interviews, Hearing Voices from […]

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