Cowboy Chanukah

Just in time for Chanukah (Dec 21-29), Seattle’s Captain Smartypants yodel and line-dance their Brokeback Dreidel, aka, “Kislev Cowboys” by Eric Lane Barnes, sung by Captain Smartypants with the Seattle Men’s Chorus:

Recorded by Tom Speer of the Seattle Channel. Listen for the audio of this song in our upcoming “Christmas Mashup” HV hour.

via Kalish.

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Glad this video is making the rounds. It shows that not only can cowboys be rabbis, they have difficulty in actually spinning a dreidel.

The name of this song is actually ‘Kislev Cowboys,’ named after the month in which Hanukkah takes place. (This year Hanukkah straddles Kislev and Tevet.)

For more information on this or a host of other songs, visit http://www.ericlanebarnes or send an email to

Shalom and stuff,


Comment added by ELBSeattle on 12.01.08

thanks for the info, elb. post updated.

Comment added by BG on 12.01.08

[…] Seattle’s Captain Smartypants and the Seattle Men’s Chorus yodel and line-dance their country-style Brokeback Dreidel, aka, “Kislev Cowboys” (excerpt 2:06) by Eric Lane Barnes. Recorded live by Tom Speer of the Seattle Channel, the video is posted onYouTube. […]

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