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Pass the Gavel

By 2011.01.10 tags: , , , , . Comment»

Democracy is the peaceful passing of power, as exemplified by this

Broadcast Tower: Free Climb

By 2010.09.24 tags: , , . Comment»

Forget paragliding and BASE-jumping, if you seek aerial thrills, try repairing

Pubcasting Act

The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 funds “programs of high quality, diversity, creativity, excellence, and innovation.”

Sesame Style Feist

By 2009.11.15 tags: , , . Comment»

The eye-easy and sonorous Feist effectively communicates sequential integers to kids;

Die, Sweet Roadrunner

By 2009.09.16 tags: , , , . Comment»

Be careful what you wish for— From Seth MacFarlane's (Family Guy

Patrick McGoohan

By 2009.01.20 tags: , , . Comment»

Rest in peace, Patrick McGoohan, aka Danger Man, aka Secret Agent, aka The Prisoner.

Fiest-y Angel

By 2008.11.27 tags: , , , , , . Comment»

Feist sings like an angel on A Colbert Christmas.

True Blood

By 2008.11.26 tags: , , , . 1 Comment»

Gonna miss our weekly sips of True Blood.

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