HV002- Visiting Hours

Hospital bedHearing Voices from NPR®:
002 Visiting Hours— In Hospital
Host— Ceil Muller of KQED Public Radio
Airs week of— 2009-03-11 (Originally: 2008-03-12)

Visiting Hours (52:00 mp3):

“The Kiss and the Dying” is host Ceil Muller’s (of KQED) etiquette list for those who may be dying, and for the soon-to-be survivors.

“Fire and Ice Cream” is from Brent Runyan’s book “The Burn Journals,” and Jay Allison’s Life Stories radio series. Brent’s nurse in the burn unit asks the 14-year-old out for ice cream… and a date?

In “Our Father” Brian Brophy documents his dad’s passing, with recordings of his family, the chaplain, the hospital and hospice staff, and the wake.

Carmen Delzell helps heal her “Grandmother’s Hip.”

And Nancy Updike watches patients pass the time with TV in “Channeling Health.”

Music by Pete Fountain, Brave Old World, Peter Ostroushko, Jimmy Smith, and Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation.

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Comments (4)

What is the music right at the start of this show’s segment by Larry Massett?

Comment added by Shannon Smith on 03.17.09

Shannon, this hour, Visiting Hours, does not have a Larry Massett piece.

Comment added by BG on 03.17.09

I listened to this show on the way to work and cried almost the entire time. Which please don’t take as a bad thing. The stories were told with such feeling, that I couldn’t help it. I always enjoy Visiting hours. Thanks for bringing to us.

Comment added by Liz Adams on 03.22.09

Excelent work!, congratulations!.

Comment added by Luis Sosa on 04.10.09

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