Hendrix In Cows’ Company

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One of my favorite performed poems is a New Year’s Eve 1969 memory by John B. Lee, “Jimi Hendrix In The Company Of Cows” (1:49 mp3):

From the compilation of Canadian poets Word Up.

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glad to know you like it. the greatest compliment I ever received for this performance came from a woman I met in Louiville, Kentucky who said she knew Jimi and she told me \he would have LOVED your poem.\:

It’s actually inspired by Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, but Band of Gypsies will do. Jimi Rides his red guitar is actually from Band of Gypsies, so the Visual image I had in my mind was Band of Gypsies, but the actual sonic inspiration was Star Spangled Banner.

Hendrix was indeed the greatest artist of his generation.

all good things, John B. Lee Poet Laureate of Brantford

Comment added by John B. Lee on 06.05.09

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