HV051- Dog Tales

The dog Nippy looking towards the Rocky MountainsHearing Voices from NPR®
051 Dog Tales: Barks, Bites, Best Friends
Host: Barrett Golding of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2010-04-07 (Originally: 2009-02-18)

“Dog Tales” (52:00 mp3):

A canine compilation — the dogs have their day:

“Blind Dog” (4:22) Scott Carrier

The producer plays frisbee with a sightless German shepherd.

“Dogs” (3:50) Kevin Kling

This commentator can’t connect with his family’s canine, off his collection of Stories off the Shallow End.

“Dogs in the Yard” (1:20 excerpt) Steven Vitiello

A musician mixes a multi-bark audio art composition.

“Dog’s Dreams” (1984 6:50) Jay Allison

In 1984 people told producer about their dogs and their dog’s dreams, produced with Christina Eggloff for their series Animals and Other Stories, with funds from the New York State Council for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

“John & Nippy” (5:08) Barrett Golding

A man and his dog share a rancher’s life and musical duets, recorded at their home in Big Timber, Montana; accordion: John Hoiland, harmonious howls: Nippy.

“A Dog’s Life” (1958 8:50) Tony Schwartz

In 1956 sound-documentarian Tony Schwartz started documenting a full year of An Actual Story in Sound of a Dog’s Life, from the NYC shelter to the pet store, the vet, obedience school, and house-breaking at home.

“Dog” (2:51) Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The poet performs his poems, with music by Dana Colley, part of A Coney Island Of The Mind. (“The dog trots freely in the street and sees reality…”)

“Everything Reminds Me of My Dog” (1:30 excerpt) Jane Siberry

From the Canadian songtress’ album Bound By The Beauty.

“Another Bruno” (2004 0:58) David Greenberger

The Duplex Planet is “an ongoing work designed to portray a wide variety of real characters who are old or in decline.” DP’s David Greenberger tells Kelly Jackson’s story of a family pet, to music by 3 Leg Torso, from their CD Legibly Speaking.

“Seeing is Believing” (2:33) Jonathan Katz

Laura Silverman (Sarah’s sister) calls about her canine into comedian Jonathan Katz‘s talk show, a Transom.org feature.

“Can’t Buy Me Love” (2:06) The Beatle Barkers

A bowser emsemble belt out Beatle tunes, released on Tails From the Pound – The Lost Tapes. Here’s another bite (more mp3s at WFMU):
“All My Loving” (2:02 mp3):

“Miss Dog Miss Me” (2005 1:15) David Greenberger

From a conversation with Dorothy Winnette, set to music by music by 3 Leg Torso; it’s off the CD Whispers, Grins, Bloodloss and Handshakes.

“Our Dog Is Getting Older Now” (2006 2:30) Jonathan Richman

From the compilation Colours Are Brighter: Songs from Children (And Grown-Ups Too).

“Cat Bath” (1998 3:22) Dmae Roberts

And we end with this audio doggie treat: an on-air feline underwater immersion. (PRX)

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Comments (13)

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So enjoyed everything about this segment on NPR today. I was moved and laughed out loud at Nippy. We, too, have a 13 year old collie cross that sings to the piano and tries to match the mood and the notes; He also remembers songs from his childhood and when his “part” starts. We here in Berlin feel blessed by all the ways that NPR enriches our lives. Thank you so much.

Comment added by Helen Kornblum on 02.21.09

I loved this show. I’ve been scouring the internet for Jonathan Richman’s Our Dog is Getting Older Now – and can only find it at Amazon.UK – where they won’t let me download – quelle bummer, or as part of a $26 import kids cd – Colours are Brighter.

Comment added by Jane C on 02.22.09

Can I get a CD of this particular program.

My husband woke me up with his laughter Sunday morning.

Would like info on where I could get books or C D’s on any of the people who did the dog stories on this program.


Comment added by Mary Hammond on 03.30.09

Getting ready for work, I had to slow down and listen, then driving I listened, could not get out of the car until it was over. Great show.

Comment added by chris on 03.30.09

[…] listener requested info on finding the Jonathan Richman song we used in our “Dog Tales” HV Hour. It’s off a kids-songs compilation, Colours Are Brighter, now out-of-print. So […]

Pingback added by Dog Getting Older : HearVox on 04.29.09

Jane C: see this post for the Jonathan “Old Dog” song-

Comment added by BG on 04.29.09

GREAT SHOW!! First time to hear HV. I laughed out loud to hear the prayer: “Lord help me to be the man my dog thinks I am!” LMAO!! I am not a “dog” (or “cat”) person, but the stories were very touching and evocative. Excellent! Love on-line radio: ear candy! Thx.

Comment added by Adam Donovan on 04.30.09

BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL show, I was sitting on the patio with my boston \tai\,when this show aired. Had to quit reading, and just listen with a big smile.Wife was wondering why i was staying \out\ so long, I told her, and she just shook her head/rolled eyes and just left us be, in our own little bliss. THANK YOU !!! Must have a copy of that show somehow.

Comment added by RICH WHITTINGTON on 04.12.10

This is one of the best segments I’ve heard so far. And I don’t even have a dog. Laura Silverman had me laughing aloud on the subway. How embarassing! But John & Nippy – the one with the man talking very mater of factly while his dog sang along with an accordian was so bizarre that I had to hear it again.

Comment added by NYC Kim on 04.13.10

I loved this show! I woke up to it, was it a dream?
Why do the New Yorkers’ voices that Tony Schwartz recorded sound like old black & white TV voices to me? Is it the 1950s New York accents? The fact that people smoked more then, making their voices just a little harsher, just a little edgier? Some magic in the microphone he used? I happen to love those voices. “Dog” by Ferlinghetti (did he say the cop is just a fire hydrant to my dog?) and Laura Silverman rewarded me too. All of it. I do not have a dog.

Comment added by Becca on 04.13.10

Really enjoyed this show, even though I do not have (or am not owned by) a dog. I love programs about animals, especially companion animals. What was really amazing, though, was the reaction of Geoffrey and Spooky, my two cats, at the show’s final segment. Whether that really was a cat being given a bath — and I hope is wasn’t, since cats really do hate baths — the cat’s vocalizations were so astonishing, outstanding and REAL that both Geoffrey & Spooky ran to the bedroom where I was listening, jumped onto the night table where the radio sits, stared at it, and kept walking around the radio, trying to figure out where the cat was!! They really thought that a third cat was in the apartment, in the bedroom, & they couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t find — see, smell, &, no doubt, attack — the hidden cat! I’m wondering if any other listeners had a similar experience with their cat(s). Thanks for quite an unusual night!

Comment added by Pat Shechter on 04.22.10

Thanks for posting Our Dog is Getting Older Now. I first heard this song on Hearing Voices after my son had rescued a pit bull off the mean streets of Phoenix. I’d been very nervous about the dog due to all the bad press the breed gets but then I heard the love in the lyrics about this aging pit bull. I gave my son’s new buddy, Garfield, a second look. He’s as sweet and devoted a dog friend as you could ever want. I’m glad Jonathan Richman created a positive note for this much maligned breed.

Comment added by Lois Leader on 07.26.10

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