Sahel Sounds

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Adfrican musician on the beachGot an email yesterday:

Name: christopher
Subject: field recordings in the sahel
Message: greetings – currently tramping around the desert recording music and sounds. thought something you all might find particularly interesting.

‘Deed I did find the site interesting. Lots of great street and county music from Africa. Like “Mohammad accompanies Boubacar, a Songhai guitarist, in a group in Timbouctou.”

“Boubacar on guitar” (mp3):

Three African guitarists

What: Living and traveling through West Africa along the fringes of the Sahara. Collecting sounds and music in guerilla recordings and unorthodox ethnomusicology.
Place: nouakchott, timbouctou
Tools: zoom h2 recorder and folk guitar

“The traditional music of Fouta is based on the Hoddu; but many traditional ‘universal’ songs have been adapted to the guitar.”

“Tidiane playing Douga” (mp3):

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cris my frend helo

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