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Auto-Tune the News video still: Katie Couric with Evan GregoryThe band The Gregory Brothers are turning newscasters, pundits and politicians into “unintentional” pop-singers by auto-tuning their spoken voices into sung melodies. Their “Auto-Tune the News” series are videos on YouTube and songs on Amie Street.

Michael and Evan Gregory tell us about artificially (art-officially?) interacting with the media’s talking heads. Aired on PRI Studio 360; by producer Barrett Golding, “Auto-Tuned News (edit)” (6:26 mp3):

S360 was a bit time-constrained, so couldn’t present the whole piece, including the G-Bros series Songified History (free d/l at Amie Street), w/ JFK, MLK, & Churchill. Here’s the full vers…

“Auto-Tuned News” (7:03 mp3):

Auto-Tune the News #3: cuba. afghan friendship. 2-party woes

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Evan’s name is spelled with an a –
I’m his very proud aunt :)

Comment added by Sherri L. Rose on 08.26.09

Dear Aunt Sherri,
I corrected your nephew’s name.
Am I still invited to the family picnic?


Comment added by BG on 08.26.09

[…] HV did a radio intervu with the Gregory Bros on their Auto-Tuned News. […]

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